Dr. Shefali’s Advice: Coping With Life Changes As COVID-19 Grows

There is a lot of advice on how to protect yourself physically from COVID-19. We need to wash our hands, practice social distancing, stay away from large crowds, practice good hygiene, self-isolate if we are sick, and, of course, stay away from people who are sick. We have a good idea about how to best protect ourselves physically. But, what about our minds? What about the stress and fear and anxiety that we are feeling as COVID-19 statistics change on a daily basis and shift the way we live our lives? How do we deal with that? Dr. Shefali has some advice.

Dr. Shefali is all about accepting what is. I’ve taken her parenting course on Mindvalley even though I have no kids, and I mentioned that her course was the best course I’ve ever taken on becoming more conscious in life. She tells it like it is and helps you come to a place of consciousness where you can see things for what they are and act from that place.

And, as our current way of life changes as COVID-19 spreads, I’ve found it really valuable to come to a place of awareness and acceptance and then decide what to do going forward from that space.

I highly recommend listening to her short video on how to mentally navigate the changes that are happening on a daily basis as the new Coronavirus spreads.

A Few Of My Favorite Thoughts From The Video

    • We have no choice but to deal with what’s happening with the Coronavirus. That’s just reality.
    • Accepting the changes that come with the spread of COVID-19 is a process. We need to get out of denial, accept the invitation to elevate our consciousness around what is the nature of life, and then decide to stop fighting what is happening.
    • When you have the right attitude towards life, things are much easier compared to when you are just reacting to life.
    • Determine whether or not you want to react to the news. Even better, turn off the constant stream of news and focus on taking action to protect yourself and your loved ones from the virus.
    • We need to live with caution and discernment, but not fear. This is how we live our lives when it comes to many other things (driving cars or getting an illness), and we need to apply this to COVID-19 as well.
    • Don’t just react the way everyone else reacts. You can make a choice about how you are going to respond in the present moment.
    • To stay grounded and out of fear and anxiety, be present. Ask what is in your now and focus on that.
    • COVID-19 is a wake-up call to the fact that we always live in uncertainty.
    • Social media and news are forcing us to stay up to date with every single case and it is all designed to alarm us. It is not meant for calm, so why go towards that?
    • View this as a test to see if you can live in flow and abundance even though there appears to be a threat. (This is an awesome insight for me! It’s a test for all my personal growth over the years and a way to practice many of the things I’ve learned, especially through Mindvalley’s amazing teachers.)
    • A sense of community can rise from the virus where we offer more support in many different ways. (Speaking of this, watch the following video. Do you think this kind of community interaction and support would happen without something like COVID-19?)

I hope Dr. Shefali’s video helped you gain some idea of how you can relax and stop the chaos in your mind. It did for me. I hope she ends up making a course on Mindvalley going forward for this topic of dealing with uncertainty and going with the flow in times where we need to go with the flow in order to keep stress, anxiety, and fear at bay.

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