Is The Quest All Access Pass From Mindvalley Worth It For You?

If you are a personal development junkie like me, and you find a lot of value in Mindvalley’s courses like me, then (I think) you are going to love the Quest All Access Pass that Mindvalley has just released. I heard about it and before I even watched the masterclass I knew I was going to want it. I just wasn’t sure it was going to be as awesome as they promised, however after buying it, I can say that so far I’m pretty impressed!

What Is The Quest All Access Pass?

The Quest All Access Pass offers access to (almost) all the courses and quests on Mindvalley for an entire year. In other words, all courses, except for Lifebook Online and WildFit, are available to members of the Quest All Access Pass. Not only that, you apparently get access to any upcoming quests for the year, and, lately, they have put out one a month or so.

I know, I didn’t believe it either.ti

I listened closely to Vishen talk about it at the end of his masterclass. I thought that there might be a catch. I thought maybe he would say you only get access to one quest per month. But instead, he said you can take one quest per day or two quests per day or whatever you want.

Still, I waited until the full detailed page popped up about 10 minutes before the end of the masterclass and read it fully.

Screenshot From Masterclass Page

I was blown away. And I STILL didn’t totally believe it. But the Quest All Access Pass comes with a 10-day refund, so I wasn’t worried. If it wasn’t what I thought, I would refund.

By the way, Mindvalley now has a page where you can apply for your own refunds without the hassle of contacting support. That’s pretty cool and so much easier than sending emails back and forth.

You Get Completion Certificates For The Courses You Take

One of the things you get with the Quest All Access Pass is access to the certificate of completion at the end of the course. I’ve never wanted a certificate before because it costs an extra $50 on top of the regular course, as you can see in the below screenshot for Awaken The Species.

Mindvalley screenshot pay for certificate

But now that I have access to it as part of the pass, I think it’s kind of cool. It makes you feel like you’ve accomplished something.

You get the certificate by taking a quiz, and if you pass, you get the certificate. If you don’t pass it the first time, you can retake the test if you want.

Of course, I didn’t take the course in May, so that’s another mistake on Mindvalley’s part, but still, it’s kind of fun to see the certificate.

I don’t know how it would be useful, other than to prove to yourself or friends that you’ve taken the course and passed it. In other words, I don’t think it’s going to get you into any jobs. But, if you know of a way it can be useful, then please share in the comment below.

What Happens After The Year Is Up?

As you can see in the following screenshot, the Quest All Access Pass subscription shows up in the billing area of your Mindvalley account. You can see when the next billing date will be and how much it will be. And you can cancel your subscription if you want.

The big problem with this is that if you cancel you lose access to everything that you got with the pass. That’s how they get you to stay around.

That may not be an issue if you can take all of the courses within the year. But, if you can’t, then you will either want to renew the Quest All Access Pass OR buy the courses and quests you missed out on individually.

In short, when you buy the courses and quests individually, they will stay in your Mindvalley account forever. When you buy the Quest All Access Pass, any courses and quests that come with it will stay in your account until you decide not to renew your subscription.

The Quest All Access Pass Is Totally Worth It For Me

Instantly after I paid, I had access to all the quests and courses in my Mindvalley account.

For me, that means I had 7 quests added into my account and 5 new courses. I have already taken a good amount of Mindvalley’s quests and courses so they were already in my account.

So, I got 12 new courses to take, which means I roughly paid around $66 USD per course. And, if Vishen wasn’t lying (if he was, he’s in big trouble!), I should get all future quests this year for free, which brings my total per quest down. Here’s the list of the quests they say are upcoming!

Besides the parenting and uncoupling one, the rest of them sound interesting to me.

If you don’t have any of the quests or courses in your account, then your cost would be more around the $35 mark, if I did my math right.

Small But Frustrating Update On Course Access

It’s been a week since I bought the Quest All Access Pass, and a few days ago I noticed that there were a few courses that were not included in my account. I realized this because I remembered about the yoga quest, got myself worked up to take it, and then found out it wasn’t in my account. So I wrote to Mindvalley to ask about it. I also wanted to clarify that we get to take any new quests with the first batch of students. Here are the questions and responses.

I bought the all access quest pass. I just want to clarify something. We will be able to take any new quests that come up in the year with the first set of students? In other words, the first go around with all the live calls etc? Thanks in advance.

I added into the conversation after some thought.

Also, I’m not seeing the yoga quest in my account. I thought we were supposed to get an all access pass, meaning to all the programs. Thanks.

And then I added in…

Sorry, but looking it through thoroughly, I’ve noticed that Dream Sculpting and Tune In are also not added into my account.

Here’s their reply. (I also linked to my reviews for the courses I’ve taken.)

Regarding your first question, yes, you will be able to participate in the first batch of students for new Quests.

As for your second question, we listed all the available programs under Quest All Access Pass:

Hereโ€™s the current list of programs you can choose from:


1. Superbrain with Jim Kwik
2. The M Word with Emily Fletcher
3. Awaken The Species with Neale Donald Walsch
4. Hero. Genius. Legend. with Robin Sharma
5. The Quest For Personal Mastery with Srikumar Rao
6. The New Psychology Of Winning with Denis Waitley
7. The Longevity Blueprint with Ben Greenfield
8. Chakra Healing with Anodea Judith
9. Rapid Transformational Hypnotherapy for Abundance by Marisa Peer
10. The Habit of Ferocity by Steven Kotler
11. Unlocking Transcendence by Jeffrey Allen
12. Duality by Jeffrey Allen
13. Speak and Inspire by Lisa Nichols
14. Uncompromised Life by Marisa Peer


15. Energy Medicine by Donna Eden
16. Unlimited Abundance by Christie Marie Sheldon
17. Love Or Above by Christie Marie Sheldon
18. Becoming Limitless by Vishen Lakhiani
19. Feng Shui For Life by Marie Diamond
20. Power of Visioning by Michael Beckwith
21. Becoming A Modern Master by Deborah King
22. Tantra Touch by Psalm Isadora

Upcoming Quests

1. Integral Theory with Ken Wilber
2. Conscious Parenting with Dr. Shefali Tsabary
3. Sleep Quest with Michael Breus
4. Life Envisioning with Michael Beckwith
5. 10x with Lorenzo Delano
6. Conscious Uncoupling with Katherine Woodward Thomas
7. Spiritual Warrior with Vishen Lakhiani
8. Speed Reading with Jim Kwik
9. Mindfulness with Gelong Thubten

(WildFit and Lifebook Online are not included as they are Premium Quests)

Quest All Access Pass includes our most demanded and highest ranked programs.

Hope this was helpful. Enjoy your learning with Mindvalley! ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

It’s so frustrating when they don’t directly answer my question but send a message that is something I could have – and did already – read myself.

Anyway, I guess the bit they wrote about ‘Quest All Access Pass includes our most demanded and highest ranked programs’ was their answer to why the Yoga Quest and Tune In And Dream Sculpting are not available. I guess they are not in demand and ranked highly?

Yes, you get access to a lot of great courses, but if they say it’s an ALL ACCESS PASS, then you should get access to all the programs. Three of them shouldn’t be left out. Right? Is it just me?

Maybe they have some insight I don’t. Maybe those programs are horrible and they are embarrassed by them. I don’t know.

I guess it is what it is. They never say that those courses will be available in the Quest All Access Pass on the sales page or anywhere else, so I can’t expect them to be there, but it’s just frustrating to know that the yoga quest is out there and not included with the rest of the programs.

I still think the pass has a ton of value. I was just really hoping to take on that yoga quest once I thought about it!

Update: They added in the Yoga Quest. ๐Ÿ™‚ But, some people in the Facebook group were mentioning that The Spiritual Laws of Money was not included. I wasn’t aware of that because I already had it in my account.

My Price Was A Bit Higher

I’m in Canada, so while the price for the All Access Pass was $795 USD, I actually paid around $1076 with the current conversion.

So, I paid $90 CAD per course.

It’s still worth it to me. Again, if I’m getting access to all future courses for the year, then that cost is going to go significantly down.

Considering that most classes cost, at lowest during specials or after masterclasses, between $250-$300 USD, that’s not a bad price for 12 courses.

And, for me, the value in the quests is high. They have the potential to change my life. They will help me with my writing and my online business. They will give me new ideas, insights, and habits to work with.

So for me, it’s a no-brainer.

Update: It’s the next day and my credit statement came through for the payment. I actually paid $1,102.44 CAD.

Update October 2019: I was looking at the sales page the other day and noticed that they have lowered the price of the Quest All Access Pass. I wrote in to ask them what’s going on and they said they lowered the price because they took programs out of the pass. In comparison, they only took a couple of the older courses – the yoga quest, tantra touch, and be a modern master out of the equation. You still get everything else and all the upcoming quests as well. So, you still get everything else for $200 cheaper than when I paid for it. Obviously that ticks me off, but it’s definitely a better price for anyone buying the Quest All Access Pass now.

Update on the latest update: I got a further message saying that Unlimited Abundance by Christie Marie Sheldon and Love or Above Spiritual Toolkit by Christie Marie Sheldon were also removed.

The Buying Process Was Easy But A Little Weird

As I said, immediately after payment, I got instant access to all the quests and courses I didn’t already have.

However, right after I paid for the Quest All Access Pass, it said thank you for your Energy Medicine order. I was like, oh no, I’ve already taken Energy Medicine and that’s not what I was signing up for.

I was worried that I wouldn’t be getting what I ordered, but I think they just had the wrong wording on the page for whatever reason. Honestly, I’ve noticed that Mindvalley often has spelling and consistency errors like that on their masterclass and enrollment pages.

No, I did not invest in Energy Medicine!

Then there was an upsell for Mindvalley Mentoring, which as you can see on the above screenshot it said for $99 more. But, then when I scrolled down the page it said for $7.99 a month after a 7-day free trial, which I think is the normal price for Mindvalley Mentoring? In any case, I just skipped it and proceeded with my order.

There Are A Few Issues I’ve Found

One issue with the Quest All Access Pass is the way the app dashboard is set up.

When you sign in after buying, you will have access to all the quests and courses, but on the app’s dashboard, a lot of them will say ‘completed’ when you haven’t completed them. However, that seems to have been fixed in the online dashboard.

For instance, I haven’t taken Rapid Transformational Hypnotherapy for Abundance yet. But, in the app dashboard, on my iPhone, it says I’ve completed it.

In the online dashboard through my browser, it doesn’t say I’ve completed it.

But in both the app dashboard and the online dashboard it says that I’ve missed all the classes. And that’s just because the quest put into my account ended on June 8th so the system thinks I’ve missed the classes.

In any case, it’s not a big deal. I’m not confused by it. I know what I’ve taken and what I haven’t, and once you start going through the quest it shows you what days you have taken and which you haven’t.

I’m sure they will fix this issue, and even if they don’t it doesn’t really interfere with your learning. All the quests and courses previously offered are open for you. And, as I understand it, when new quests come up, you will get access to one day just like everyone else taking the quest.

BUT, here’s the thing to remember.ย 

You can go in and change the start date of your quests.

Don’t do that.

Just leave it alone.

Unless you truly want to close up access to the quest so that you start and move at a pace as the other students, leave it alone.

If you change the start date your quest will close up and will start to open up on the start date so that you are going at the same pace as everyone else who will be starting on that date.

As part of the Quest All Access Pass, you can start now, tomorrow, or whenever you want, and removing the little technical errors such as ‘completed’ or ‘missed’ is not worth the hassle of now having to wait until the next start date.

Will The Quest All Access Pass Be Worth It For You?

Vishen talks about personal growth in the masterclass for this offer. One of the things he says is, “Overcome the stress of chaos by immersing yourself in yourself instead of chaos.” In other words, by immersing yourself in yourself, you take the focus off your worries. You focus on progress, your goals, your desires, etc. You improve yourself and your life, and that helps you keep your focus off your daily struggles and on a bigger picture.

I have not taken one Mindvalley course that wasn’t beneficial, so with this Quest All Access Pass, I believe that everyone will be in a constant state of growth and learning, which will help reduce daily anxiety and stress and improve the overall life of yourself and others.

That’s what I truly believe from experience. Whenever I stop learning, I feel stagnant and I become more focused on unimportant things. But, if I’m taking a course, my focus turns to faith, potential, goals, and growth.

That said, not everyone will want this pass.

For instance, if you only want to take one or two courses from Mindvalley, then this pass doesn’t make financial sense.

And, if you are not going to be able to sit down and do at least 3 or more courses throughout the year, then, again, this pass doesn’t make financial sense.

October 1st Update On A Few Of The Courses

I’ve been part of the Quest All Access Pass for over 4 months now. Still Loving it. And, today I got an email that some of the main courses have been updated into quest format.

upgrade quest all access pass

It’s funny because I wanted to take Uncompromised Life, but I couldn’t get into with the old course structure, so I was putting it off. Now that it’s in quest format, I think it will be one of the next courses that I take.

Check It Out For Yourself

If you want to learn more about it, take the free masterclass with Vishen. He talks about personal growth and what he has learned about changing your life and being your best self. (Warning: You will likely want to get access to this pass after listening to Vishen. I was already sold on it before I watched the masterclass, but I had a ton of excitement for the next year after I listened to him talk.)

If you are interested in signing up for the pass already, you can learn more about it here. Not long ago, the offer was closed to new students, but it looks like it might be open up permanently now because you can enroll with it once again.

I’m still blown away and so excited to get started on my year of consistently taking courses. Yes, I plan on dedicating every day that I can to actively doing a part of a quest or course.

I had been thinking that I was going to start trying to buy each new course that comes out from Mindvalley and consistently be doing a new quest each month, so this Quest All Access Pass came at the right time for me. Now, it’s guaranteed and I’m set up for the rest of the year.


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