Can You Get Mindvalley Courses For Free? What Is Free?

Someone asked me the other day if I knew where they could get Mindvalley courses for free. I got to say, I understand wanting to get free stuff, but when something is created with time, effort, and money, you should want to pay something for it, just as you would want someone to pay YOU for something that you created with time, effort, and money.

That said, Mindvalley does give away some stuff for free, but when it comes to their courses, there’s only one way I’ve seen people get them for free.

What Does Mindvalley Give Away For Free?

1. Mindvalley Masterclasses

Mindvalley’s free masterclasses are all introductions to the teachers and topics at hand. These are free and they are good. They usually run about an hour long and contain a few bits of insight that can benefit you.

Many of the classes demonstrate a technique or two that teachers use in their courses.

While these masterclasses are great, they are not free courses.

I’m assuming the way Mindvalley words it is what makes people think they are signing up for a free course. I know my mom thought she was signing up for a free Mindvalley course when she found a masterclass, and that’s just not true.

The masterclasses are pretty much meant to give you some insight into the topic and the teacher and then decide if you want to buy the Mindvalley course that complements it.

2. Mindvalley’s Live Events (Occasionally)

Sometimes there are some live events on Mindvalley that you can attend for free, but for the most part, the daily events are for people who have the Mindvalley Membership. They are all included free with your Mindvalley Membership, so I guess in a sense that’s free.

Here’s what the difference looks like. I took a screenshot of the Mindvalley Live page as not a member and as a member.

Not a member:

As a member:

3. The Mindvalley App Includes Some Free Content

The Mindvalley app includes all the courses and content that you can find in Mindvalley if you have the membership.

In the free version of the Mindvalley app, you get walked through the process of figuring out what you want the most, and then you do have to create a Mindvalley account.

While you can’t access the Mindvalley courses or live events for free, you can access some meditations and sounds for free, including some binaural beats and Solfeggio Frequencies.

4. The Omvana App

Mindvalley has another app called the Omvana app. There are some free sounds in this app too. But the rest of the content – all the meditations – are a part of the paid Mindvalley Membership.

How To Get Mindvalley Courses For Free

I’ve only seen this happen a few times. Sometimes Mindvalley will give a Mindvalley Membership or even some money away to someone as part of a contest.

I’ve seen this when Vishen Lakhiani is looking for taglines or some sort of help with something.

Even though Mindvalley said they were leaving Facebook, they are still on Facebook. And the contests I have seen have been on there. Although, I’m sure they posted it on their Instagram account too. I just don’t go on Instagram much.

Don’t Fall For The Free Mindvalley Course Crap

I have seen some people offering free courses from Mindvalley. They usually don’t offer it for free, even though that’s how they get you. They usually sell it for an attractive price, such as under $50.

I think what these people do is download the course material and give it away in a PDF or something. I’m not totally sure how they do it and what they give you once you agree to whatever they are offering because I’ve never attempted to try it.

The problem with this is that you might get some of the Mindvalley Course content for free, but you don’t get all the extra material that complements it and helps it makes sense in your life.

For example, you might get the text that goes along with the course, but the bonus meditations, techniques, community, and other stuff will not be included.

Plus, it’s just wrong to do that. The membership is so cheap in comparison to what you get, that you shouldn’t be downloading their content illegally. Take a masterclass instead.

I know that Mindvalley was actively taking down offers like this, so I doubt you can find any more free Mindvalley course offers online anyway.

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