What Taking The TV Out Of The Bedroom Did For Us

About a month ago, we decided to take the TV out of the bedroom. Our old routine consisted of me going up to the bedroom at about 7pm and watching TV until I fell asleep. My husband would play guitar for a bit, come watch a show until I fell asleep, and then usually go back to his room and play some more guitar. That was our evening routine every single night. I was starting to hate it. I felt like I was watching way too much TV. So, we decided to move out the TV from the bedroom to reap all the benefits that we figured would come from that.

Save The Bedroom For Intimacy And Sleep

Moving The TV Out of The Bedroom For More Intimacy

My husband didn’t have a problem with moving the TV out of the bedroom. I think the only reason he came and watched it was because I always fell asleep with the TV on and someone needed to turn it off.

When we decided to move it out of the bedroom, I told him that the bedroom was going to be used for reading, intimacy, and sleep only – because that was what I had read somewhere about what the bedroom should be used for.

He liked the idea. Too bad it didn’t work out. We just replaced TV screen time for phone watching time.

Man And Woman Addicted To Mobile Phones Lying In Bed At Home

Get A Better Night’s Sleep With The TV Out Of The Bedroom

You are supposed to sleep better with the TV out of the room. Apparently watching TV before bed can disrupt sleep cycles.

I haven’t noticed a difference. Of course, I do look at my phone quite a bit before bed, which is a screen and probably has the same influence on sleep.

My husband hasn’t noticed any difference either. He sleeps just like he used to.

We know this for a fact because we both wear a form of tracker that keeps track of our sleeping patterns. Everything is exactly the same.

Some Things Taking The TV Out Of The Bedroom Has Done For Us

There are a few things I do like about the TV being out of the room.

For instance, I stay out of the bedroom longer watching TV in the living room. I used to feel like I spent too much time in the bedroom because I would be in there so early. Being out in the living room at least makes me feel like a grown up who doesn’t spend all of their time hiding in their bedroom – like a teenager.

And, I don’t wake up thinking about Supernatural anymore. That’s the main Netflix show we would turn on at night to help me go to sleep because I didn’t need to pay attention since we had watched it all already. I used to wake up thinking about the story, but now I wake up thinking about other things – like what I have to do, what happened to me yesterday, etc.

Also, we also talk more at night. If my husband comes to the bedroom before I fall asleep, we will often chat about the day or other things. We used to just mostly watch TV.

What I Don’t Like

I like having a TV in the bedroom to fold laundry. For two people, we create a ton of laundry, and I can watch a whole show while I’m folding and hanging and putting stuff away. I can’t do that anymore.

It’s getting colder, and I miss getting into the bedroom, turning the heater on, and watching TV in a heated space.

I also miss escaping the world in my bedroom through television. I’m someone who would be just fine in a small apartment for the rest of my life because I like smaller spaces that make me feel safe, warm, and comfy. It gives me an escape from a world that seems huge some days. So, when I get overwhelmed or feel sick or down, I usually go to the bedroom and close the door. It gives me that sense of security that only a smaller room with a door can provide. But, I can’t do that anymore.

What I’ve Learned

The biggest benefit of not having a TV in the bedroom is talking more to my husband. But, that’s about it. I still have the same amount of screen time. It’s just in different rooms and on different devices.

I’ve learned that if you want to reap the benefits of not having a TV in the bedroom, such as watching less TV or reading more, you need to actually make what you want a habit.

In other words, removing the TV from the bedroom does nothing to change your habits. If you are in the habit of watching TV, you will just follow the TV wherever it goes.

It all boils down to habits and self-control. If you want to change something, it’s not about removing things… it’s about making choices that align with what you want and then sticking with those choices until they become habits.

A TV in the bedroom can provide you with the benefits you enjoy, and if you can create habits that help you get less TV time and more time doing what you want to do, then the TV is not going to affect your habits negatively.

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