What It Feels Like To Have A Really Good Man

My husband is the best man I know, hands down. He is the definition of a good man, and he’s the reason I always tell single guys that you can get good women being a good man and single women that there are good men out there and it pays to find them.


I Want YOU To Have A Good Man

There’s a reason this site is called Best Friend Reviews. I want my best friend to have the type of man she deserves (a good man!), so that’s why I want her and you to understand what being with a really good man is all about.

I want to really drive home the point that when you don’t settle for a bad guy, and keep your eyes open for a good guy, and then date him, the rewards are LARGE!

I’ve Been With The Bad Men

I dated plenty of jerks, and when I had enough of them and decided that I was no longer going to date them, I found my good man.

It’s like the blinders were lifted off and I could finally see past the jerks. And let’s face it, jerks are much more in your face than the good guys, especially when you are younger, so it’s hard to see past the lies, games, and confusion that comes with bad men.

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What It Feels Like To Be With A Really Good Man

Before I met my husband, I didn’t understand what it would be like to be with a really good man. I was so used to being stressed out and upset in relationships that I didn’t think there was anything other than that. I was wrong! Following is how I would describe what it feels like to be with a really good man.

It feels safe. I know that my husband has my best interest at heart, and I know that he will protect me when he can. When I’m with him, I don’t worry about anything. I feel safe. I’m never scared of him or external things.

It feels secure. I don’t worry about our future. I know that our relationship will always be strong because he’s willing to do the work required to maintain a strong and healthy relationship.

That’s a huge difference between bad guys and good guys.

  • Good guys see the relationship as important because it makes them happy and adds a lot to their life. And because it is a priority, they are more willing to work on it and keep it strong.
  • Bad guys see the relationship as a means to something they really want – sex, money, status, etc. Because the relationship is less of a priority, they are more interested in focusing on things that really matter to them, like drinking beer in the garage with their buddies or playing video games.

I’m not saying good guys don’t drink beer in the garage with their buddies or play video games, but they have more of a balance in their life where your relationship with them is always just as important, or more important when required.

In short, I don’t have to worry about whether or not he’s willing to keep this relationship strong. I know that I’m his priority in life.

It feels honest. I don’t doubt anything that my husband says, because he has never lied to me. He hasn’t lied to me with his words, his body language, or his actions. He’s always honest and straightforward, and I don’t have to wonder or be suspicious of anything – ever.

I remember those relationships where being on guard was a part of daily life. I remember questioning everything that my boyfriends said or did, and how stressed out that made me feel, and how it affected our relationships negatively.

When you are with a really good man who prides himself on honesty, you don’t have to worry about those things because he never gives you any reason to doubt him.

It feels inspiring. Because he is such a good man, he does good things.

  • He’s compassionate towards other people.
  • He donates his time and energy.
  • He is kind and gentle even with people who, in my opinion, don’t deserve it (like me sometimes).
  • He is always working on becoming a better person.

He inspires me to be a better person because HE is such a good person, and I think that’s a huge advantage of having a good man in your life.

I remember dating guys who made me worse. They made me angry and manipulative. They stopped me from going after my dreams. They made me feel like I wasn’t capable of my dreams. They made me worse of a human being.

With my husband, I am a better person. Moreover, I feel like I can do anything.

It feels like pure love. Lastly, it’s not conditional love where you have to act a certain way or do certain things in order to feel loved. It’s not questionable love where sometimes he is loving and sometimes he isn’t. It’s down-to-the-bone love that I feel every moment of the day.

  • I know that he is the ONE person who is always thinking of me with love in his heart.
  • I know that I am the one person he wants to come home to, spend his time with, and be silly with.
  • I know that we have a bond that nobody else can have with either one of us.

He is my best friend and lover. We have a connection that – thanks to the safety, security, trust, and inspiration – is unlike anything I’ve ever felt before.

I Recommend Finding Yourself A Good Man!

In short, being with a good man who loves you is one of the best things you can do for yourself. I highly recommend it!

It means you always have someone to turn to and talk to. It means you can be yourself and express yourself freely. It means you have someone who doesn’t judge you, mistreat you, or play games with you. It’s something I would wish for every woman out there who wants to be in a happy and loving relationship.

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