Wearlizer Fitbit Blaze Pink Gold Band With Frame Review

I’ve worn the Fitbit Blaze for about 3 years now, and I’ve worn the same band for 3 years too. I don’t know why I’ve never gotten a new band, but I guess I just had better things to think about… until last week. Last week I decided that I was sick of my purple Fitbit Blaze band and wanted something new. So, I got the Wearlizer band with frame from Amazon, and I just thought I would do a quick review on it in case you are in the market for a new band and frame for your Fitbit Blaze.

It’s Looks A Little Darker Than In The Amazon Pictures

It’s all dependent on the light, but it goes from a lighter pink gold to a darker pink gold depending on the light, background, and your eyes. It doesn’t matter what color it turns, I really like it. The pink is what I wanted, and that’s what I got!

I don’t know what you call that design, but I would call it cross stitch, because that’s what it looks like to me. Only, it’s made of stainless steel and not thread.

Wearlizer Fitbit Blaze Band Pink Rose Review

Am I wrong?

Cross Stitch Close Up

Cross Stitch Pattern Close Up

The Wearlizer Fitbit Blaze Band Came In A Box

Not much to say about this. It was in there nicely, but the box had scratches and scuffs all over it. That said, it’s a box, so it’s not really a big deal.

Wearlizer Box Review

The Band Makes My Old Fitbit Blaze Tracker Look Bad

Like I said, I’ve had my tracker for about 3 years. From far away, you can’t tell how bad the tracker looks.

Wearlizer Fitbit Blaze Band From Far Away

But when you get close up, that’s a different story. I didn’t realize how scuffed up my tracker was until I got a new band for it! Especially a pretty band that I like.

Wearlizer Fitbit Blaze Band Review_edited

The Wearlizer Band Came With This Blue Protective Cover

At first, I thought it weird that there was a blue strip just below the frame, but then I realized it was just a cover for it so it wouldn’t get scratched. I like that the frame was covered on top and on the side like this.

Wearlizer Fitbit Band Pink Gold


The Wearlizer Band Has A Magnet Clasp

This is how I had it closed at the start, and I thought it was going to be way too bulky for me. It was a few minutes later when I realized you can unravel that and get a much more even look.


Wearlizer Fitbit Band Clasp

The magnet holds really well. Sometimes at night when I move around too much, I’ll wake up and the magnet will be slightly shifted to the right or left. But it hasn’t come undone.

In the daytime, when I’m not tossing and turning, it’s pretty darn secure. I can’t see you being able to knock it in a way that it’s going to move around when you are awake.

Wearlizer review fitbit blaze

More Colors… More Purchases

There are 8 colors to choose from on the amazon.ca site.

They have:

  1. Black (One normal frame and one full frame)
  2. Silver
  3. Champagne
  4. Grey
  5. Colorful
  6. Pink (with a full frame)
  7. Rose Gold
  8. Pink Gold

On the amazon.com site they have 6 colors to choose from including:

  1. Black
  2. Grey
  3. Red
  4. Champagne Gold
  5. Rose Gold
  6. Silver

It Fit’s Like A Glove

Because of the magnet, there is infinite positions to adjust it too, so you can make sure it’s perfectly snug around your wrist no matter how small or big it is.

I got the large size, but they also offer a small size. I wear my Fitbit Blaze just above my wrist.

My wrist isn’t tiny, but I don’t think it’s that big! I measured my wrist and it’s about 7 inches around. Where I wear it, there is about 1 1/2 inches more room to tighten that band.

Therefore, if your wrist is 5 1/2 inches or smaller, then I would get the small band. Although, in the description on Amazon, it says that the small is for 5.5 to 8.6 and the large is for 6.2 to 10 inches. So if you are smaller than 5.5 inches, you may be out of luck.

If you are not sure, you can contact Wearlizer on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Or you can contact them on their website here. I’ve never had to contact them, so I can’t say how good they are at customer service.

I Have Seen Some Negative Reviews On Amazon, But Most Are Good

I received a good product. The only complaint I have is that it can pull on my arm hair a bit, but that has only happened a few times and I shave my arms anyway, so that will be taken care of soon.

On Amazon, I have seen some negative Wearlizer reviews. One person got a scratched up frame – like really scratched up, as if someone had been wearing it roughly for a year while and then packaged it and sent it out to her. One other person said that the color changed within a month, but didn’t have a picture to show the change.

That’s why I like ordering from Amazon. It’s so easy to return it if something does go wrong, and then you can get a refund. You get a month after you receive the product to return it, so, if you need to, make sure you do it quickly because a month can go by fast!

I’ve also seen many positive reviews like mine. I guess time will tell if something goes wrong with this band and frame, but for now I’m really happy with it and will definitely be ordering more.

If something goes wrong, I will update this review to reflect that.

You can read all the product details, check out more reviews, and check out all the colors they offer for the Fitbit Blaze Band and Frame on Amazon here for Canada site and here for the United States site. Note: They have different colors on the Amazon.com than they do Amazon.ca.



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