5 Things You Can Do Besides Take Video Of Drama And Post It Online

Lately I’ve seen a TON of YouTube channels and videos focused on drama. This is where someone grabs their camera and records a fight, a person going off the deep end, someone acting irrationally, or someone they have a problem with. They judge it as funny, ridiculous, or something else that people will find entertaining like them. Then they upload it for everyone to see. Then certain YouTube channels curate these dramatic videos into one video and make a profit off it. Public freakouts, social awkwardness, and social fails – all of this is at your fingertips thanks to the people who feel the need to take video of drama and post it for everyone to see.

Things To Do Other Than Record People And Put It Online

More than half the time, though, the people behind the camera are the ones being dramatic. They seem so insecure and scared in the situation that they need to pick up their phone as a way to make themselves feel stronger and more confident. But, it really just backfires and makes them look weak, petty, and ignorant.

No matter who is taping or why, I believe there are much better ways to handle the situation than to tape it and put it up for everyone to see. Following are a few of them.

1. Have Some Compassion And Try To Help The Person

There is a lot of mental illness out there, and it’s not something that needs to be taped and then uploaded for everyone to laugh at or be amused by.

According to these stats, by the age of 40 about 50% of people will have struggled with a mental illness.

Stop laughing or goggling at people who are struggling.

Why is it funny to put people in pain on display for all to see? I’ve even seen parents post their kid’s struggles on YouTube? Why?

Depression, anxiety, personality disorders, and other mental issues are not something to put on display and laugh about. The people dealing with these issues are doing the best they can – even if it’s not that good at the moment – and they don’t need you taping them and posting their issues online.

In fact, imagine struggling with depression and seeing yourself online acting out in a way you don’t normally act out in. How do you think you would feel? If you were suicidal, how do you think you would feel?

Moreover, there are many people struggling with drugs for reasons that you may not understand. Taping their lowest points in life is not doing them or yourself any favors.

Have compassion when you see someone struggling in any way. You don’t know what they are dealing with. They may have just lost their loved one today and be on the edge of insanity because of it. You can probably relate to that kind of feeling.

You have no idea what is really making them upset- what the core issue is.

If you can, try to help them. If you can’t, at least don’t hurt them by taping them and then uploading them for everyone to gawk at.

2. Learn How To Communicate Not Videotape

A lot of people use a video camera to tape people who they are mad at. Instead of trying to talk the person, they stick a camera in their face and then act like spoiled brats who want everything to be there way.

Nobody wants to be videotaped because you are mad at them. It’s threatening and it’s unnecessary.

It’s important to learn how to communicate with people in a way that resolves issues, not makes them worse. When you put a video camera in someone’s face, you are going to make the issue worse.

You can act innocent – as if you are just recording facts, but when their face is in the frame you know you are doing it to make the person feel threatened in some way, and that’s going to make them retreat or get defensive, not work on the issue with you.

Anyone who video tapes when they have a problem needs to learn how to resolve conflict without making it worse.

3. Walk Away And Remove Yourself From The Situation

Sometimes you can’t help people and you can’t reason with them. So, what do you do? Record them? Why? What is that going to do besides make them feel more angry or upset and escalate the situation?

Walk away. Remove yourself from the situation. Be a grown-up and realize that some people are not going to be reasoned with and some people are struggling with so much that they won’t calm down no matter how much you tell them to calm down.

I know that people will often try to draw you into their drama. But, believe me, you can separate yourself from it. Duality by Jeffrey Allen was a really great course for helping me detach myself from other people’s energy (anger, rudeness, etc.) and move away if need be. I recommend it if you want to stop being affected poorly by other people.

4. Call The Police

If you feel threatened, don’t stick a camera in someone’s face. That’s just going to make them more angry and threatening!

Call the police. The quicker you turn off you camera and dial the police, the quicker the situation will be over.

5. Add Positivity To The World, Not Negativity

Instead of spending your time recording people and posting it online, do something positive.

These videos are of fights, struggles, and bad situations. How does that help the world? How does that add value to someone’s life?

Every day you have the chance to make this world a better place. You have the chance to make someone feel good or empowered. How does posting public freakouts or struggles do that?

If you feel the need to record everything, record positive things that are going on in the world. Post that stuff online. Inspire, motivate, and uplift. You have the power to do that, so why not use it?

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