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Welcome to my vegan section on Best Friend Reviews. My husband and I have been a vegan for just over a year and I’m constantly learning new recipes, as well as developing new habits, thoughts, and ideas.

Here you will find all my articles and reviews on veganism and what it’s like to be vegan.

If you are interested in going vegan, or if you are just curious what life is like without dairy or meat, this is where I will talk about all of my finds, secrets, and beliefs.

I’m not someone who is trying to shove my views down your throat. And, I won’t post anything disturbing or shocking.

I’m just someone who wants to share what I discover and learn as I go through this journey of life without dairy or meat.


5 Quotes About Being Vegan That I Resonate With

I got together with a friend who is vegan the other day and realized how different she and I think about veganism. What resonates with me doesn’t resonate with her, so anyone who tries to tell …

A Quick Way To Check Whether Your Alcohol Is Vegan

Before going vegan, I didn’t think alcohol would have ingredients in it that I wouldn’t want to drink. But at some point after going vegan I realized that not all alcohol is vegan just because it …