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I have quite a few Mindvalley reviews on this site.  I find each course offers something unique and not every course is going to be made for you.

For instance, Speak and Inspire by Lisa Nichols is an amazing 30-day quest that teaches you how to use your voice to make an impact on the people or person you are talking to. But, not everyone wants to make an impact in that way, so the course might not be for them.

Mindvalley reviews wouldn’t be complete without Becoming Limitless, a course developed by the founder of Mindvalley. It helps you to break the brules you are stuck in and start creating a life that you really want. But, some people don’t know they can create their own life and don’t even want to attempt it.

The Lifebook Online course by Jon and Missy Butcher, is a 6-week program where you take a close look at 12 different areas of your life and get a sense of how fulfilled or not you are doing in each area. Then you dig into those 12 areas with the help of Jon Butcher and get a clearer vision of what you want out of life. This program is spectacular at helping you make the most of your time as you work towards a clear vision of what you want. But, not everyone wants to dig into their life and discover what’s really going on.

The Superbrain quest by Jim Kwik will help you develop your memory and strengthen your brain. You will be able to remember things forwards and backward, and the more you practice, the more impressive your memory will become. As Jim Kwik says, we all have a super memory, we just need to develop it. If you want to put in the work, your memory can be great too after going through this Mindvalley quest, but not everyone cares about their memory and brain health (although you should).

In short, because everyone is looking to work on a different area of their life, I don’t think I could recommend just one course as THE course to take from my Mindvalley reviews. Only you know which course will help you the most right now.

Here is a list of all my current Mindvalley reviews.

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