Tag: life lessons

Sometimes my experiences in life have taught me some life lessons that have impacted me in a big way.

I count these lessons as ultra important to my personal growth and happiness. Without them, I wouldn’t know what I know for sure.

Some life lessons happen because of trial and error. Other life lessons are learned by big mistakes that seem negative at the time. And other life lessons are learned through courses or observation.

Here are articles on things that taught me some big life lessons.

What Taking The TV Out Of The Bedroom Did For Us

About a month ago, we decided to take the TV out of the bedroom. Our old routine consisted of me going up to the bedroom at about 7pm and watching TV until I fell asleep. My husband would play guitar …

5 Ways Gratitude Has Helped Me Create An Amazing Life

Over the years, I’ve done plenty of research and written plenty of articles on the benefits of gratitude. Because I have written so much about gratitude – and I know the power of it – I practice it in my …

10 Things I Wish They Had Taught Me In School

Obviously, a lot of what you learn in school isn’t used in the ‘real’ world, but it still gives you a foundation of knowledge, skills, and habits to get out there and start living. The problem is that school doesn’t …