Review Of The Happy Planner Fitness Box Kit: Newbie Perspective

My best friend is really big on fitness planners. In fact, in her last Instagram post, she had at least two planners geared towards fitness. I’m sure there were more. I’m not saying it’s a bad thing! There’s a reason we’ve been friends since the second grade, which equals 30+ years. We both love organization, planning, lists, journals, and such. She’s just more into fitness and I’m more into other things. But, when Michaels had The Happy Planner on sale for buy one and get one free, I couldn’t resist getting a fitness box.

The Happy Planner Fitness Box Review

Not only have I never had The Happy Planner before, I’ve never had a fitness journal that wasn’t quickly made up on excel. So, I’m excited to see what it can do for me this year.

Anyway, let’s get started with The Happy Planner fitness box review from a complete newbie perspective.

A Note On Packaging

I like new, shiny things, so I was happy that The Happy Planner was not damaged and that it was bound together with some plastic. That means that nobody had put their dirty fingers on the inside of my new planner. I know this might not matter to some people, but for me, it makes me happier about my planner.

Pages are bound together Happy Planner

You Can Start On Any Month

When I got the planner, I assumed it was for January-December. I was wrong! There are blank tabs that give you the freedom to start on any month you want and go for the next 12 months. I love that about this fitness planner. The box includes stickers for January-December, so you can just peel them off and stick them on each tab.
The Happy Fitness Planner Months

The Monthly Dividers

Each month starts off with a fresh new divider. The one above with the colored stripes isn’t great. I think it would be better if it was a motivation quote or something like the following two dividers. That said, I like them much better than just plain white paper or something. It’s fun and fresh, so I can’t complain.

Divider for The Happy Planner Fitness

Fitness Happy Planner: Monthly Dividers

The Fitness Box Includes Stickers: Some Relevant To Me, Some Not

I have gone to Michaels and bought the create 365 stickers before I had The Happy Planner, and they were $29 CAD a pop. But I got 725 stickers included that were relevant to what I wanted. In this box, there were a lot fewer stickers, and I have mixed feelings about them.

The Happy Planner Fitness Stickers

I did use the month stickers to label my months, but I’m thinking that a lot of the other stickers I won’t use.

Like the ‘yoga’ stickers. I don’t foresee yoga being a part of my workout routine in the near future. Maybe they will come in handy later, but for now, they aren’t really relevant to me.

And the ‘gym’ stickers… well, I don’t go to the gym. I workout at home. So they are a little bit irrelevant for me.

There’s also some ‘Heart Rate’ stickers. I really don’t see how that is relevant unless I want to keep track of my heart rate through different workout sessions, but I really don’t care about that. At least I don’t right now.

And the calories burned stickers just aren’t something I will use.

But the motivational stickers are on point. I kind of wish they were all motivational stickers.

And they do include some little note stickers, which I liked. I really like that they are attached to the planner’s rings. The other stickers are not, and the planner doesn’t have any place to store them, so they are in a pile on my desk with the rest of my planner stickers.

Fitness Happy Planner Relevant Stickers

The Unique Ring System

Before I bought The Happy Planner, I researched it a bit. One thing I couldn’t understand was how people were pulling their pages in and out of the planner with these rings. I knew that you could buy bigger rings if your planner expanded, but it wasn’t really something I could grasp until I bought The Happy Planner.

The rings are cute and have hearts punched out in the middle. This planner came with the silver colored rings.
Happy Planner Rings

If you look at the green cover page, you will see that it has a little hole, which is kind of a weird shape and then the paper is close to the ring on both sides of the ring. This is brilliant to me.

I was worried that flipping the pages around would cause it to tear and the structure of the hole – what keeps it on the ring – would wear out, but this works well even though it seems like it should be hanging on by a thread.

I find that you can turn a good chunk of pages at one time. You can’t flip all the pages at once, but if you do about a month at a time, they slide from one side of the ring to the other really easy.

Turning pages in the happy plannerMoreover, you can fold the book in half without compromising the pages at all.

And perhaps the best part is that you can take pages out and put them back in. You simply grab the page from the top, close to the rings, and pull the page off. Then you can plop it back in one little punch hole at a time anywhere you want in the planner. Tearing Out Pages The Happy Planner

The do sell a Happy Planner hole punch to make these specific punch holes, which means that you could use your own paper and put it into the planner. However, I watched one woman make normal punch holes and then simply cut a slit to the end of the page, and her pages went into her Happy Planner just fine! It’s something I’m definitely going to try before I buy the punch.

And they do sell pre-punched paper for all different inserts (notes, add-ons, etc.), which is good because I feel that a lot of people are going to want to add inserts into this planner for lists, notes, or other things that it doesn’t include. Note: The best premade stuff I found so far was on this shop on Etsy. The planner itself is pretty basic and will work for someone who just wants to keep track of food and exercise, but someone who wants more will need to create or buy more inserts.

How Is The Happy Planner For Fitness Set Up?

As I said, it’s pretty basic, but it does it what it should.

1. The Progress Tracker

The first big thing is the progress tracker. Just a place to keep progress of your weight and measurements for the year.

Fitness Happy Planner Tracking Page

2. The Monthly Setup

Then you have a monthly set up. The month and dates are blank, so you have to fill that in. Again, I love that you can start on any month.
Fitness Happy Planner Month Page

The only thing I don’t like about the month setup is the tab’s plastic. There is already NOT a lot of note space, and this plastic cuts into some of the month’s note area so you can’t write on it.

Fitness Happy Planner Tabs

3. The Weekly Log Area

Then you have the weekly log area. There’s a little space to write out your weekly goals and take some notes, but not a lot.

You can keep track of your food and exercise and water, all of which I will use as I go along.

I think, though, that I may buy or make some inserts to keep notes of how the foods made me feel. I have hypothyroidism, and I’ve noticed that some foods make me feel horrible, some tired, some sluggish, and some great, and I would really like to keep track of that so I can figure out what should or shouldn’t be in my diet.

Fitness Happy Planner Weekly Page

4. The Progress Report

At the end of each month’s weekly log area, there is a progress selfie page. For someone who is trying to lose weight or tone up, this would probably be relevant, but for someone just trying to maintain their weight or stay healthy, they don’t really need to see a picture of progress because there will be no progress in terms of the body.

Fitness Planner Progress Page

The Bookmark

Lastly, they included a little magnetic bookmark. It’s a little ripped in the middle and scratched. Not sure if it was me or it came like that… but it’s functional!

The Happy Planner Fitness Bookmark

The Biggest Complaint I Have About The Fitness Happy Planner

It has everything you need for basic eating and workout tracking, but there could be more room for notes, as I said.

I will probably be making or buying some inserts to help me take more detailed notes and record thoughts and track vitamins and put down anything else that I want to track.

Basically, it means you need to buy or create extra stuff, which costs extra money. Many people don’t want to spend money to add to something they already paid for.

The Biggest Compliment I Have About The Fitness Happy Planner Box Package

It came with everything I needed to get started, which made me happy. I’m glad I didn’t just buy the planner itself. I like the stickers and bookmark and – I forgot to take a picture of it, but you also get a pen. It’s kind of like a fine tipped felt pen and it works really well. Nothing fancy, but does the trick.

All In All, I’m Happy With The Happy Planner For Fitness

The bottom line is that I like it. I like that you can easily add pages and take pages out of this planner. I do like all the customization that is available for this planner, and I’m willing to pay for inserts that will add to my motivation and tracking. That’s something you can’t do with other planners, so I can see why The Happy Planner has become such a hit with productivity and planner enthusiasts! I think it’s going to work just fine for my fitness planning and motivation this year.

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