13 Of The Most Common Spam Comments I Get On My Blogs

I get A LOT of spam comments on my blogs, especially when WordPress is involved. On one of my current sites, I’ve emptied out my spam folder a few times, and have easily worked my way back up to 5,212 spam comments. It seems that the more popular your site becomes, the more spam comments you get. And it can go in waves where you get hundreds of spam comments a day and then all of a sudden don’t get any for a month.

Spam Comments Blog

I don’t know where these people are signing up to distribute their spam comments, but they must be completely moronic if they think these comments are going to get approved on a decent blog.

Moreover, are they paying for someone to place their spam comments somewhere? And if they are, do they pick what their comment will look like? If so – well – what a waste of time!

Alright, it may not be a complete waste of time. Some bloggers may approve these spam comments thinking that they are not spam. I know a friend of mine believed his hundreds of comments a day on his blog were all legit. He had no idea that people would pay to distribute their nonsense comments all over the place. Why would he? It sounds ridiculous.

Other bloggers feel like a comment, even an obviously spammy one, is better than nothing. I’ve seen some decent blogs allowing all sorts of spam comments on their site. And many of these bloggers don’t seem to be suffering in the SEO game, which you think they would be as the comments often have nothing to do with their blog.

Others just don’t check their comments. They just allow any and all comments to get onto their blog.

So, I guess these people DO get their spam comments on some blogs. But, for the most part, I think it’s ridiculous to even try. It just puts a bad name on your brand so it ends up being useless in the end, in my opinion.

Anyway, I’m not here to talk about the ethics, rewards, downfalls, and others of spam comments. Instead, I wanted to review some of the most common spam comments I’ve received.

13 Types Of Spam Comments That I Get All The Time

1. ‘The Never Ending Tale About Nothing With Strategic Links’ Spam Comment

I get a lot of long tales on my blog. They take forever to scroll through and are the epitome of annoying when you are manually going through comments and approving, spamming, or trashing them. In fact, this one was so long I couldn’t even fit it in a picture with my snipping tool, so I just had to copy and paste it.

I guess the thing about these long comments is you would never read them all so you might just go ahead and approve them if you are new and don’t recognize them as spam.

Within the last few decades, The right activity has get us. It spare time activity is video gaming. That began with fundamental hopes corresponding to ‘save the romantic,– andefeat bad guy,Or and a lot more. Aion, That wow’s namesake, Would be a charitable at this time impressive deity which of you secured the residents and as a consequence animals within the Atreia, Society we live in he formed. Aion will perhaps afforded elevation into advance of man, On top of their adults, A rush among demigods the Draken. The Draken are inside given with selected powers together with strengths of Aion, Additionally later on, started to be damaged, For the trendy drives they begin to owned and operated.As an example, An individual effortlessly find the cds, You should roughly now export it all. Those activity come to be absolve to practice with restricts, That always on your status. Free of these restraints, How would you give up generate income from the sport?With regards GW2 truly to become highly developed, Which has been. Sun’s rays outside of number, Which is a reasonably required include to increase. Taking into consideration that Guild competitions 2 hobby activity happen to be publicized, Tavern brawl started to be assumed in the state community boards about what could possibly deliver. From bartender brawl, One does the things you anticipate to, Fighting with each other interior drunken trend via accidental regular those. fitflop sandaler udsalg
That is freakish. It’s fresh control relating to size a lot of risky than stocks and shares, Which is regarded a good solid”Erratic, “High risk” Division linked good point. That it is two assignments using specifications a great deal way a whole lot significantly considerably a good deal added erratic than the best currency exchange try for instance the Dollar/Euro. In addition, new samsung technology corp. Due to too little entertaining top-of-the-range mobile phone options. The business purposes to produce a return with a brand new distinctive brand of cell phones with search engine operating system leading principle. fitflop sandaler tilbud
On the experienced title front, Pillow Enix developed a dash by way of rebranding past fairy tale against XIII toward XV, Also taunted empire minds III. One final wonderland competition has never was the winner me over shortly, So what you refer to it as, It can also be inside its final stages. The particular appeared attractive created, tn pas cher
, I came down to aroused. Every day someplace you possibly can surf to the comic strip stow companies cared for and receive sime good free comic strips? It was actually a ideal be realized for virtually every comic fanatic. Because of composing for this fabulous site, I’d the particular to view the big event from various perspective to waded in to afford as well as internet sites, Single pages, Also articlesThe contend.Can crime magic spell journey arc. You will find a internet basic fact, Role-playing wow personality editorial arc. There’s an easy challenge to avoid wasting the entrepreneurial world through the Big lousy. Idea amount 1. Worries 09:27 9th marly 2010, Gregor written: I really enjoy the very thought of political figures implementing technology, Nonetheless also there is a problem here. For this example that your politician features tweeter or it may be facebook or twitter give thoughts basics the dog’s to ceiling freakouts. nike air max pas cher
You will also have three with john Waller the probable sparkling wine Cath, Hen house Ay Tee as well as, Altius sliding, Power week and after that Lilliburlero complete his or her sites to be. ”Nash initiated $1.10 yesterday, High quality hours we had quotes of that ranking was should Darren Beadman was arriving,” Munsie stated that. ”He went to a different spot in the last few months.”. nike air max pas cher

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All those bold spots are where they sneakily – if you can call it that – put in a link.

Each sentence in this spam comment seems to be taken from a separate book, article, or another piece out there. I especially like the ‘I came down to be aroused’ bit. I think that’s the only half-sentence that actually makes sense.

This person has snuck his or her comment on blogs though, including runners-world.pl, which doesn’t seem to be suffering even though they approved this comment. Of course, they took the links out, but the comment is intact otherwise, so I guess it worked for them!

2. The ‘Totally All Links’ Spam Comment

These spam comments don’t even try to hide that they are spam. They just link up groups of words in their comment with links. And then they add a keyword in the ‘name’ section and a website that relates to these groups of links. For instance, this person linked to a Viagra link with the keyword name being ‘What is erectile disorder’.

pure link spam comment

3. The ‘Love Your Site!’ Spam Comment

This is the type of spam comment that many new bloggers will approve. And why wouldn’t they? It seems legit. It seems like a nice comment on your post. But, it’s just a prewritten spam comment that is meant to play at your desire to get interest.

How do I know it’s a pre-written spam comment? Cause the name, website, and email looks like this.

spam comment

When the name has a keyword in it, the website is ridiculous, and the email is a Gmail or Hotmail account, you can bet the comment is pre-written spam. Or, best case scenario, someone actually took the time to write the spam comment. Either way, it’s spam.

4. The ‘I Hope This Makes Someone Want To Respond Back’ Comment

I get a lot of spam comments that are controversial, which means that the blog owner might actually write back if not just to criticize or respond to what they are saying. Sometimes these controversial comments can end up being somewhat relevant to the post. Other times they are just hateful, derogatory, racist, homophobic, etc.

controversial spam comment

5. The ‘I’m A Sweet Grandma’ Comment

Some people try to make themselves look like the sweet Grandma who you got to love – and whose comment you got to approve. They use endearing terms like ‘Hi, my love!’ or ‘Hi sweetie’ to try and trick you. And they usually add a bunch of generic nonsense about your post afterward, such as ‘all important infos’.

sweet grandma spam comment

6. The ‘You Visited My Website’ Spam Comment

I get this one a lot. It actually makes me stop and check the website name out before I send it to the spam folder because I do visit a lot of websites throughout the day.

visited website spam comment

Oh, and by the way, it’s not ok to use some of my ideas – especially my article ‘ideas’ which seems to happen a lot from people like this who are looking for an easy way to success.

7. The ‘How Do I Start A Blog’ Spam Comment

I get this one a lot, too. They will start off by saying they know their comment is off topic and then continue with questions on what they need to do to get started. These spam commenters usually link to something like Viagra or a porn site in the ‘website’ and even ‘name’ slot.

how do I start a blog spam comment

8. The ‘Thank You’ Spam Comment

You are the best blogger in the world! At least, according to these spam commenters. And, their praise is so generic – meant for any type of post or blog – that it’s obvious they are spamming.

thank you spam comment

9. The ‘I’ll Help You Go Viral’ Spam Comment

Want your post to go viral? This spammer knows exactly how you can do it. First, they tell you about the potential your post has and then they tell you that you just have to search for (insert keyword here).

go viral spam comment

10. The ‘Story’ Spam Comment

Sometimes you will get a really long comment that seems to be a story. Sometimes it might apply to your blog and sometimes you may just think that the person commenting is trying to share something about themselves with you whether the comment relates to your blog/article or not. And, often, the person will have a genuine looking name and website. But, it’s still a spam comment. If you read the comment in its entirety, you can recognize two things. First, it’s nonsense. Second, it really has nothing to do with your blog/post and is just meant to get their link out there.

story spam comment

10. The ‘I’m Bored’ Spam Comment

I guess some people think that bloggers will like the fact that they browse their site because they are SO BORED. To me, I just find it offensive that you would suggest the only reason you are browsing my site is because you are ‘bored to tears’. But, these spammers sure do compliment your website!

bored to tears spam comment

11. The ‘I’m Experiencing Problems With Your Blog’ Spam Comment

I’ve had genuine comments from people who let me know that my blog doesn’t look right on Firefox or another browser, but they never put their name as ‘the last knights streaming…’ And, I usually know them from another blog or social community.

experiencing problems spam comment

12. The ‘Trying Hard To Look Real’ Spam Comment

This is an obvious spam comment, but part of the ‘trick’ is to mention how many ‘brain dead visitors’ there are on your blog post to make themselves appear real. Their assumption is that if their comment makes it on your blog, a bunch of other spam comments will make it on your blog as well, and they will be able to differentiate themselves by calling out those weird and off-topic comments.

look real spam comment

13. The ‘You Can’t Speel’ Comment

I love it when I get spam comments like this. NOT! I think that someone leaving a comment about your spelling and grammar, when they can’t even put punctuation into their sentence, is super annoying. Plus why do you want to insult the blog owner? The chances of a blogger approving a comment that says they don’t know how to spell are very slim.

spell spam comment

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