PMS Rescue Aromatherapy Blend From Tazeka: Is My PMS Relieved?

I have really bad PMS. I always have. When I was young, my only physical symptom was so much stomach pain that I couldn’t walk. Now, I alternate physical symptoms every month with a few standard symptoms. I usually get a few zits each month. I’ve had sore ears, a sore patch of skin on my arm, numbness in my lip, and a million other things that are bizarre and only show up during PMS. As far as emotional symptoms, I’m always the same. It’s a time of doom and gloom, even though I’m normally a positive person who can see the bright side of everything. My mind turns into a dark place where death, tragedy, and hopelessness live until I go to sleep or distract myself. So, when I saw the PMS rescue blend from Tazeka, I had to try it.

I Believe In Aromatherapy’s Benefits

Laguna Moon Essential Oils

The Current Essential Oils I’m using

I have a diffuser and different essential oils to go with it. I have vanilla on the side, but I’m currently making my way through the Lagunamoon Essential oils, which I bought off Amazon here on February 5th of 2018. I use them almost every day and I still haven’t made a dent in even though it’s September. You only need to put in a few drops and they pack a big punch. I highly recommend them if you are in the market for some essential oils.

Lagunamoon Essential Oils Set

I occasionally put in oils that appeal to me at the moment, but more often than not I choose a scent to match my day and what’s going on.

For instance, some of the essential oils, like lemon, lemongrass, and grapefruit, make me feel energetic and encourage me to clean, since they are smells that smell clean to me. So, I use them when I have a lot to do around the house.

Some of the oils, like clove and peppermint, make me feel comfortable and at home. Probably because we use cloves in some of our favorite family dinners, and peppermint just reminds me of Christmas and hot chocolate. So, I use them when my husband and I are just hanging out in the house on a lazy day.

I also think tea tree oil and bergamot helps us when we are starting to feel a little sick as they are supposed to boost the immune system and fight infections. So, I use them when one of us is feeling a little under the weather.

And, I believe that frankincense reduces stress, which is why I use it when I’m going through a stressful time.

In short, I believe in the power of essential oils to aid with health and emotions, which is why I decided to buy the PMS Rescue blend from Tazeka.

The Smell Isn’t Pleasing To Me

PMS Resuce Tazeka

PMS Rescue From Tazeka In Such A Pretty Bottle

I got this well before any PMS symptoms appeared. My first thought was that I loved the bottle. It’s so cute and my kind of color, and that just made me feel good.

When I rolled it on, I wasn’t sure about the smell, and I’m still not. On the side of the box it talks about how the scent is comforting and encouraging. I don’t find that at all.

My sense of smell increases and decreases throughout the month, and sometimes things that smell good to me smell really bad during PMS and vice-versa. This just smells the same, and I’m not really into it for some reason.

To me, it smells like a field of flowers I don’t like the smell of. I wouldn’t want to hang out in that field like I would if it was filled with roses or lavender. In fact, I would want to get out of the field as quickly as possible.

It’s just not a smell that I want around me, but if it was going to relieve some of my PMS symptoms, I was willing to give it a try.

First PMS With PMS Rescue

PMS Rescue Review Side Of Box The side of the box says, “Feel good in your body – period.”

I’m two days before my period, and I don’t feel comforted, encouraged, or good in my body.

I feel fat, old, and ugly.

I feel sick, sore, and hopeless.

I feel annoyed and unmotivated.

I’m hungry, but also not hungry.

I want to lie down, but I also want to sit up.

I don’t feel good, and I can honestly say that PMS rescue is not making me feel any better. I feel like I normally do during the last few days before my period.

I Like Tazeka’s Products

PMS Rescue Box Review

Tazeka has quite a few different aromatherapy blends in this size roll-on bottle (8ml) to choose from. They also have 2ml sample blends and a few diffuser blends. 

I love that Tazeka uses ethically farmed ingredients without any synthetic additives.

I love that the products are not tested on animals and don’t have any animal byproducts in them.

And, I love the range of colors as well as the design of the bottles.

I just don’t like the PMS blend.

That said, I’m willing to try some of their other blends, especially something with rose because I LOVE the smell of roses.

I totally believe that the right combination of essential oils can benefit you in a big way, because I experience it all the time with my essential oils in a diffuser. That’s why I love this idea of being able to carry around a mix that you roll on and have access to no matter where you are. In fact, a roll on aromatherapy thing was the only thing I liked in my FabFitFun mystery bundle this fall, but I just don’t like the PMS blend from Tazeka.

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