My Doctor Terminated Our Relationship Because Of One Email

This is my story of being terminated by my doctor. Or that’s how I put it. My doctor terminated our relationship because of my words through an email. I also think they may have realized that I was already not coming back and beat me to the punch. But, I did write some pretty harrowing words. I told them the truth as I saw it, and the truth can hurt.

I Put Up With This Clinic’s Abuse For Years

Doctor Termination Letter

I started going to this clinic just before the pandemic started. I realized I didn’t like my doctor very quickly, but I was stuck because, during the pandemic, doctors became very hard to find near me.

She was great at taking notes, as another doctor told me when he denied me as a patient.

But she didn’t follow up with me. For instance, she left me waiting for the results of a mammogram for over a month when I knew something was there. It turned out to be a cyst, but for that month I couldn’t help but worry about cancer.

The fear I felt during that month made me sick and it led to other problems that could have been avoided.

There is so much that happened with that doctor. It was all bad. There was so much crying, fear, and worry on my part.

That doctor is not the one that terminated our relationship. I never said anything to her about how bad she was.

I eventually got in with another doctor at the same clinic. She was a new doctor who was not accepting new patients. But, the doctor who trained her saw me at one appointment and said she could take me on even though she wasn’t taking new patients because I was an easy patient.

She was nice. Very quiet. Very hard to understand. But, she did my complete physical and ordered the tests I needed.

Then, she started to get worse.

She wasn’t available for over a month every time I tried to book.

When she did see me, it was like she was meeting me for the first time all over. She never followed up on previous issues. She couldn’t even remember them.

And I’m not talking about little things. For instance, I saw her with a few bald spots when my alopecia first started coming back. She referred me to a dermatologist. Then, after about a month, when no dermatologist called and I lost most of my hair, I went back in to try to get her to refer me again. She was surprised by my alopecia. And a little horrified. And apparently, that was enough to actually get her to refer me to a dermatologist.

In short, she was a bad doctor.

She did order me some tests that I wanted, including a CT that helped relieve a ton of anxiety around my pelvic issues, but she didn’t follow up, didn’t do what she said she was going to do, didn’t remember who I was when I came in, and didn’t have any kind of compassion at all.

I had her during the roughest time in my life. I’ve never needed a doctor so much because of my alopecia and cysts and thyroid issues.

I Accepted The Bad Doctor, But Hated Talking To The Receptionists

OK, fine. I decided that I could live with a bad doctor because in my experience there are no good doctors. At least I haven’t found one yet. So why not just have one consistent bad doctor?

I resigned myself to the fact that she was able to get me tests if something happened and that was good enough. And I would go to a hospital if it was something that needed attention sooner than a month.

But the front staff at that clinic were horrible. They made me feel like a nuisance every time I booked an appointment.

The clinic has an online system to book appointments and the front staff are supposed to get back to you within a day, but they never did. It always took days to hear back from them.

The only time they were quick to act was when I had my first bald spot on my head. That must have been very concerning to them because they had me in the next day.

But when I was having extreme abdominal pain, they took days to get back to me and were annoyed at me for even trying to book an appointment.

The truth is that they were always rude and acted like I was a nuisance. And, apparently, it wasn’t just me who they were rude to, because reviews of the clinic are full of people talking about how rude they are at reception.

But, I always bit my tongue with them. I was always polite. Even when the girls gave each other a look as I was talking to one of them about an upcoming appointment my doctor wanted, I was polite and pleasant.

The bottom line is that over the years I have spent more time crying and feeling sick as I tried desperately to get appointments and talk to the front staff to find out the information I needed.

The Last Straw (That Got Me Terminated)

So, back in July, I needed Synthroid, as you tend to do when you have Hypothyroidism. I tried to book an appointment and they didn’t respond for days. So I wrote them directly and within 24 hours they wrote back and tried to book me for two weeks out.

I told them that wouldn’t work as I needed some pills within 5 days.

Two days later they wrote back and asked me if a weekend appointment would work.

I wrote back immediately and said yes.

After another 24 hours of not hearing from them, I wrote back. This time I had no intention of getting an appointment.

Being someone who writes a lot, I normally write everything on my mind and then delete the sentences that are unnecessary. But this time I knew I was never going to go back to the clinic so I thought I would tell them how bad they are at their job and left everything in that I wrote.

This is what I wrote:

I don’t know why you guys are playing these games with me, but it’s not necessary. I told you days ago that I needed to get a refill on my appointment within 5 days and you are taking days to respond to me.


I’m going to have to go to a medicenter now because I can guarantee that you won’t get me in within two days based on past experience.


In the past few years, you have continuously been really bad at your job. I could understand if you are having a bad day or two, as we all have that. But you have continuously been rude and/or made me feel like a nuisance for trying to book appointments and find out information. I don’t know if you hate your job or hate the patients, but something is happening. I’m tired of feeling bad for trying to book appointments when I need them and I’ve very tired of trying to find out information without a rude response or dirty look.

They Still Booked An Appointment!

After I wrote that email, they sent me back an email. I didn’t read it. I just read the part that was visible, which said something along the lines of ‘Sorry, we’ve…’. In other words, I didn’t confirm anything with them or continue the conversation anymore.

I assumed they knew that I wasn’t coming back and had gone to a medicenter.

The next weekend I got a call from an unknown number. I didn’t answer. When I listened to the message, it was my doctor telling me we had a scheduled appointment!

I had never confirmed an appointment with them.

Then I Got Mail From The Clinic

Two weeks after that, I got a letter from the clinic. I swear to god I thought it was an apology letter from them. I was obviously delusional. It wasn’t an apology letter. It was my termination letter.

I have to think that since they booked the appointment, they weren’t going to terminate me initially but decided because I missed the appointment (that I never confirmed) they would take their own action knowing that I was done with them.

I find it ironic that they checked off I was rude as they have been nothing but rude to me for years.

In any case, the ONE time I spoke up got me terminated. I was going to leave anyways, but I don’t want future doctors thinking I’m a rude and abusive patient, because I am so far from it. I’ve put up with a lot and have always been pleasant in the face of their rudeness and lack of professionalism.

I don’t know if other doctors can see that I’ve been terminated or not. I’ve informed my family that if something serious ever happens to me they are going to have to make sure I get the care I need just in case there is some sort of black mark in my file.

I’ve had the worst experience with doctors over the years. I’m assuming it can only get better from here?

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