My Thoughts On Wearing Masks To Prevent Infection

It doesn’t make any sense to me why professional people are telling us not to wear masks because they won’t protect us. It sounds crazy to me. Maybe I’m missing something, but as far as I’m concerned, masks can help protect you against getting infectious diseases.

We Wore Masks Around Infectious People At The Hospitals I Worked At

Wear a mask

When I was younger, I worked in a few different hospitals as a housekeeper.

On most units, there was usually at least one isolation room. That simply meant that the person inside the room was infectious and we had to follow certain protocols when entering the room.

In isolation rooms, we had to do a special type of cleaning. Compared to the other rooms, we had to use a special solution to clean and mop the room. And, in every isolation room where droplets were a concern, we had to wear a gown, gloves, and a mask. And, after we were finished cleaning, we had to take off all our protective gear directly outside the room, change all of the water we used for cleaning, and clean and change the equipment used to clean.

To be honest, as a young person who didn’t really like her job, it was a pain in the ass to do isolation rooms because they were such an effort to clean. There were a lot of precautions because that’s what you do around infectious people – you take precautions to protect yourself and others.

I also portered patients to x-ray for a while. If an isolation patient had to leave the room for an x-ray (or any other reason), then they would have to wear the appropriate protective gear too. And, we would also wear the appropriate protective gear to protect ourselves because we were in close contact with the patient.

My mom is a retired x-ray technician who worked in one of the hospitals I worked at (she is why I got hired in the first place), and even though the patient would come down in protective gear, she used to have to wear protective gear around infectious people requiring an x-ray. Then she would have to clean the x-ray room thoroughly, carefully remove everything from the room used during the x-ray so as not to contaminate anything. And then, of course, remove the protective gear and wash her hands.

She also says that when an emergency patient was coming for an x-ray, the nurses would call ahead of time so that they could get the x-ray room set up and ready so that the patient didn’t sit in the waiting area with the rest of the people waiting for an x-ray.

It’s been over 15 years since I’ve worked at a hospital, but in February I ended up in a hospital due to a fast and hard heartbeat, and there was a kid beside me who was coughing continuously. The nurse put on a mask while going in to check on him and said she had to wear a mask because he wasn’t wearing a mask, so she needed to protect herself.

And that’s what it boils down to in my opinion.

A lot of people out there who are sick are not wearing masks, so we need to protect ourselves.

Yes, There Can Be A False Sense Of Safety

It’s human nature for some people to just not get it.

I remember isolation patients who required masks when leaving their rooms coming down for their cigarettes. They would smoke in front of the hospital doors with no mask and be coughing all over everything. It always blew my mind.

It still does.

I know that there are many people who never cover their mouths when they cough or sneeze all over their hands and then touch everything around them. I’ve seen this is restaurants I’ve worked at and, honestly, almost every single place I’ve ever gone.

Even last month I saw a personal shopper at a grocery store sneezing on the items she was packing for some poor unsuspecting person who had ordered to pick up their groceries.

And, I would say 98% of the women I encounter in public bathrooms do not wash their hands at all or for more than two seconds.

So, I can understand that some people may get a false sense of safety with a mask. They may feel like they are doing more than they normally do and forget about their hand hygiene or other hygiene.

But, to me, that doesn’t negate that masks – combined with other precautions – are supposed to help protect you from getting sick around infectious people. When you combine it all together it should help you protect yourself much more than when you just do one thing or the other.

My Mom Made Us Some Masks

My mom likes to sew, thankfully. So, she made us some masks. She followed the tutorial from this How To Make A Mask Tutorial.

And she learned a lot about the best materials to make a face mask out of from this article on the best materials for making DIY masks.

The awesome thing about these masks is that they come with a little gap where you can stick a filter in.

My mom gave us a few different materials to put in to act as filters, which she figured out from the same article that discussed the best material to make masks from.

I’m Going To Wear A Mask If I Need To

If I need to go out in a crowded place where I can’t distance myself from people, then I’m going to wear a mask during this time where COVID-19 is spreading rapidly and easily.

It’s a no-brainer for me. It’s just liking walking into an isolation room, except the isolation room is the world and you don’t know who is infectious.

It’s not overdoing it. It’s just protecting myself so I can stay healthy to take care of my family and my life.

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