What I’m Doing Instead Of The Lifebook Membership On Mindvalley

If you have taken Lifebook Mastery, or are currently taking it, then you know that you are offered a free month’s worth of Lifebook membership after the mastery program. Or at least you should be offered it. I was offered it, and I took advantage of it. But I didn’t stay on with it after the free month was up. I liked the idea of it, but it wasn’t really working for me in the way that it was presented, and the price point it was sitting at. First, let me tell you what it was like and then I’ll tell you what I’m doing instead.

What Is The Lifebook Membership?

The Lifebook membership idea is an awesome concept. Jon and Missy, along with Lifebook members, cycle through the 12 categories of Lifebook each year, focusing intensely on one category per month. I got access to the spiritual month and then the character month for a bit.

The membership is apparently an exclusive offer for people who have taken the mastery program. You get one month for free and then it costs $97 USD per month after that.

The Lifebook membership tribe is on Facebook. You get access to a private group, just like all the other courses and subscriptions offered through Mindvalley. There you can talk about the month’s topic and share and ask questions.

Inside of your account, under ‘My Subscriptions’, is where the membership for Lifebook can be found. I had taken a screenshot of the membership when I had it. But for some reason, I must have thrown all my Lifebook membership screenshots into my trash on my desktop, which is weird because I always document all my courses and memberships knowing I will likely do a review. Anyway, here’s a screenshot of what you get with your membership.

How it works is that inside your personal Mindvalley dashboard – where your courses and quests are kept – you click on your Lifebook membership under the heading ‘My Subscriptions’…

… and then click on the current month. And just like all the other Mindvalley courses and quests, you can see a list of lessons on the right, similar to the screenshot below.

The lessons/information that I saw were some notes and interviews around the subject of the month.

The interviews were done by Jon and Missy’s son and included some experts in the field as well as with Jon.

The notes reminded me of Brian Johnsons Philosopher’s Notes where you get summaries of important points in a book and big ideas and quotes. Again, I had taken a screenshot but seemed to have deleted it. I can’t remember the exact format of the notes in the Lifebook membership, but I do remember wondering if they had gotten the idea from Brian Johnson because it was so similar.

It’s A Broad Approach To A Personal Topic

I couldn’t get into the lessons because they weren’t of direct interest to me. I did like a story that Jon told in an interview about spirituality and animals, but other than that I couldn’t really get into it. I found myself looking up articles and videos that related to questions I had and my personal visions in my Lifebook, and I only skimmed through the stuff in the membership.

I didn’t really use the Facebook tribe for the membership either. Again, I think it’s because I was seeking answers to my own questions and I didn’t find myself on the same page as a lot of the discussions.

I had the luxury of using it or not because it was a one-month free trial, so I didn’t feel like I HAD to use it.

The price of $97 USD was too high for something I wasn’t really using. I might have been able to justify it if it was under $40 CAD – just to use it as a motivator, source of information, and place to stay connected to the tribe, but around $120 CAD wasn’t a good fit for me.

So, I didn’t go forward. I canceled my membership close to when the free trial was up, and then I no longer had access to the Lifebook membership in my Mindvalley account. Also, at some point, I was removed from the Facebook group. I’m not entirely sure when though because I didn’t pay attention to it after I canceled the membership.

It doesn’t look like I could reenter the membership if I wanted to. It says the offer is expired at the bottom of this page. And I can’t find another page talking about enrolling in the Lifebook membership. So, I feel like it’s only going to be available to graduating students for a while.

What I’m Doing Instead Of The Lifebook Membership

I made my own Lifebook cycle for the year and threw it into my Goals on Track and my Happy Planner.  In June, I focused on the Emotional aspect of my Lifebook, and this month, I’m going to focus on the Physical aspect. This is not the same cycle that Jon and Missy are using. I can’t remember what they have in July, but I know it’s not physical.

I have the rest of my months labeled up in accordance with what I think I will want to focus on each month, but I may switch them here and there. I think that’s the beauty of doing it on your own. You may decide you want to focus on your Fun and Recreation aspect in August at first, but then realize that you really need to focus on your Intellectual aspect instead and switch things up.

It’s All Relevant To ME!

This month (July) I’m focusing on things that matter to me physically.

For instance, I have hypothyroidism and I’ve been feeling like crap lately, so I know I need to do something about it. I’m going to read up on it and develop a plan going forward from what I learn.

And, thanks to my Quest All Access Pass, I could choose the Mindvalley courses I wanted to take for this month, so along with another quest that has nothing to do with my physical health, I chose both The M Word and The Longevity Blueprint because I think they will both be beneficial to my physical health. I’ve long known that I need to develop a meditation practice as I believe it will help with physical and mental stress, and I need to find a workout program that works for me because what I used to do doesn’t work for me anymore.

I’m not part of the Lifebook membership anymore, but when they do the physical aspect (I think that is in January), I’m pretty sure they won’t focus on hypothyroidism, Emily Fletcher‘s approach to meditation, and Ben Greenfield‘s blueprint for longevity and beauty. They might. But I doubt it!

I’ve also made a section in my Feedly to devote to my physical health. Feedly is such an easy way to stay up to date with topics and keywords you are interested in – or Lifebook categories that you are interested in.

I’m also going to start eating healthier and taking the supplements I know I should be taking.

In short, I’m doing my own deep dive into my physical health by reading books and articles of interest, taking courses of interest, and implementing habits that I feel I need to implement.

I Love Lifebook

I wouldn’t have massively pursued this concept of cycling through areas of my Lifebook in a year if it wasn’t for Jon and Missy, Lifebook, and Mindvalley. I’m so grateful for all their courses, ideas, and inspiration.

I wish the monthly membership was a lot cheaper – not a little, a lot. I may have been more likely to stick to their schedule and keep the flow going with them while I worked on my own stuff as well, but, for now, this is working for me very well.


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