I’m Starting A 365 Day Nature Photo Challenge For A Few Reasons

I’ve never been on Instagram daily. I’ve never really had a need to post to Instagram. But I’ve found one, so I’ve created my new account and I plan to be on there daily. There’s a good reason why. I want to do a nature photo challenge.

The other day it hit me that I needed to get out into nature more. I had a stressful start to my year, which is causing my beautiful hair that just grew back in from my first experience with alopecia to fall out again.

Moreover, I’m feeling pain where I had been having my ovarian cysts. I’m annoyed, to say the least, but I think it’s a good thing because it’s a huge reminder to keep things calm and stop stressing out over crap that doesn’t matter!

My First Big Challenge Of The Year

Nature Photo Challenge

Even though we are past halfway through January, and health is the focus of the month for me (I mostly follow Lifebook’s categories), I’ve decided to start a health challenge for the year.

I’m doing everything I can to destress myself and hopefully stop the hair loss and anything else from occurring, so I’ve decided to do a couple of things.

First, I’m going to start going to reiki regularly this year. I went the other day for an appointment and had a great energy-clearing experience. Reiki is a great way for me to release pent-up energy and I always find that it helps me clear my mind and be more present.

Second, I’m going to start a 365-day nature photo challenge. This means that every day I’m going to post a picture of nature on my new Twitter account. I tried starting this on Instagram, but I feel like Twitter is more of a mini-blog way of posting, and I’m more comfortable with blogging than captioning… if that makes sense.

Why Do A Nature Photo Challenge?

These pictures are not going to be award-winning or anything, but knowing that I need to take a picture outdoors will help me get outdoors more.

The reason I’m doing it on Instagram is for accountability. Not that I think I’m going to get thousands of followers that will hold me accountable (I’m sure not too many people will care about my daily nature photos), but it’s a visible place to post pictures that will clearly show me how I’m doing with the photo challenge.

I find nature extremely beneficial. Depending on where I am, it can be relaxing or invigorating, but being in nature always lifts up my energy levels to a higher vibration, which makes me feel better.

I’ve been trapped in this house for months. It’s been -40 degrees Celsius outside for months and I just haven’t been able to force myself to go outside too often.  It’s been so cold, snowy, and icy outside.

I need to get outside more.

This photo challenge will hopefully not only help me get outside more but also help me be more mindful when I’m outside as I’ll be looking around for something that I want to take a picture of.

Whenever I go on my trips to Jasper, I’m extremely mindful. I am engaged with all the nature around me and spend hours just staring at mountains and enjoying the mountain air.

Mindfulness is something I need. I am someone who can easily get lost in my thoughts and worries, and I need to cultivate more mindfulness and peace in my thoughts and in my life. Reiki does that, and I think this photo challenge will too.

In short, taking daily pictures of nature is one of my big challenges for the year. Every day I’ll post a picture on my Instagram account that will tell a little story about how I feel, where I am, or what I see.

I’ve never taken on a 365-day challenge before, but there have been many instances where I wanted to. I think this photo challenge is going to be very rewarding for me.

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