I Regret Having A Loud Dog In An Apartment

Someone asked a question on Quora that made many people mad. But it made me think back to being young. The person asked why people think it’s okay to raise kids in an apartment. I think a lot of people assumed that person was talking about raising kids in a smaller environment, but I think they were talking about the noise that kids make. Jumping around. Screaming. Laughing. All the things that kids do naturally because they are kids. You can hear that stuff through the walls, and you can definitely hear kids running around and jumping when you live below them.

I Was A Noisy Neighbor Once

Noisy Neighbor Dog In Apartment

When I first got a dog, I was living in an apartment.

I should mention that I was at a stage in my life where I didn’t consider other people around me. It probably had a lot to do with my maturity and empathy. But I also had really quiet neighbors and so I guess in my lack of awareness, I must not have realized that they could hear my noise.

My first dog was a Miniature Pinscher named Goliath. For the first few months he was there, I had a boyfriend living with me. In fact, he was the one who wanted to get a dog.

We eventually broke up and I kept Goliath, but I worked evenings in a hospital, so I had to leave him alone during the evenings. I didn’t think much of it until after a few months I received a note under my door.

The note was from my downstairs neighbor. She told me that my dog screamed for hours on end every evening. She was complaining about the noise. She was as nice as she could be in the note, but I still got offended because I was an immature jerk who thought the world revolved around me… apparently.

I made more noise than she deserved after that. I did end up finding a babysitter for my dog during the evenings, though. So, I must have felt bad about it on some level – or I just didn’t want to get kicked out of the apartment.

I just remember that I was so pissed at her for complaining about my dog’s noise in the apartment.

Man, I cringe at that now.

I Would Never Live In An Apartment Where I Could Hear My Neighbors Now

I live in a house because I don’t like listening to other people when I’m at home. Plus, I don’t want other people having to listen to me when they are at home.

Looking back on it, I feel bad for everyone around me in that apartment building. I especially wish I knew who that woman was because I would apologize to her.

Dogs will be dogs, and kids will be kids, but, in my opinion, the neighbors who are trying to relax in their home that they pay for don’t need to put up with a constant barrage of noise from them.

What I Would Do If I Had To Live In An Apartment With A Dog

If your dog is a barker, it’s impossible to keep them from barking in an apartment when you are gone. So, if you have a loud dog as I did, I feel like it’s important to have care set up for them in a doggy daycare or with family or with neighbors who like your pet.

I’ve worked at a few doggy daycares and seen my share of apartment dogs coming in each day so that they could play, exert energy, and bark if they want to because, after all, they are dogs!

Doggy daycare is a great place for them to get the care they need and wear themselves out for when you and your neighbors want to go home and relax.

You Can Also Get Yourself A Calm Dog If You Need To Live In An Apartment

I’ve worked with many breeds over the years, and I know that there are always exceptions to the rule. Sometimes you get an independent little guy or gal who doesn’t adhere to how their breed is supposed to be.

But, if you are in an apartment and want a dog, I recommend you roll the dice with some breeds that are known to be quieter and calmer.

And I highly DON’T recommend you get a Miniature Pinscher! I loved him more than anything (he passed away last year at 15 years old), but he had a tendency to bark with a loud, crisp, startling bark.

Here are some ideas for a dog to bring into an apartment. If he or she is getting walked in the morning and evening, you should be able to avoid the notes under your door.

Do you have experience with noisy neighbors in an apartment building? I would love to hear about it in the comments below.

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