Hypnosis Bootcamp: My Experience With The Brain Power Bootcamp

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Inspire3 has put out a few new products recently. I tried out their Manifesting program first because… manifesting. I have always loved the idea of creating the life you want through your thoughts. But the Hypnosis Bootcamp is something I was just as interested in. I am a big fan of self-hypnosis. I’ve talked about how a track from Hypnosis Live helped me get through a very tough time in my life, and since I am a huge believer in affirmations and mindset changes, it just works for easily me. But, like Inspire3 always says about their products, it’s not just wishful thinking or belief that makes it work. It’s science. That’s why this Hypnosis Bootcamp was intriguing to me.

The Brain Power Bootcamp

Hypnosis Bootcamp: My Experience With The Brain Power BootcampThe only Hypnosis Bootcamp I tried was the Brain Power Bootcamp. They also have Wealth, Weight Loss, Law of Attraction, and Confidence Bootcamps.

No matter which Hypnosis Bootcamp you choose, you get 7 days’ worth of audio files. Each audio is around 35-40 minutes long. A lot of the session is the hypnotist putting you into a relaxation state, so I would say that the total time of actual information is about 20-25 minutes.

The Brain Power Bootcamp is focused on the… well, brain.

The Bootcamp is supposed to help you get a better memory, be more creative, improve your brain health, increase your IQ, and skyrocket your brain’s unlimited potential according to Hypnosis Bootcamp.

This stuff is guaranteed by them.

They seem confident their Brain Power Hypnosis Bootcamp will help you experience all the benefits of brainpower and health.

So, I tried it for 7 days.

My Experience Doing It For The Week

At the start of each audio, you get put into a deep state of relaxation. This is done so that you are more susceptible to soaking in the messages that are being said, which is what I think self-hypnosis for personal development is all about.

What I realized with this Hypnosis Bootcamp is the messages are just cold hard facts that are important for good brainpower. For instance, the third session teaches memory techniques similar to Superbrain, and you realize how easy it is for you to remember stuff if you want to. Because you are so relaxed, you can take in the lesson and retain it very easily.

So, you are getting 7 lessons focused on brain health and power that are being delivered to you in a state where your subconscious mind is open to receiving and retaining the information.

Here’s what the 7 days looked like for me.

  • The first and second session – The first session is meant to help you achieve concentration and focus. The second session is meant to help you understand how a positive attitude and self-belief play a part in your journey. I fell asleep almost immediately during both. I don’t remember a thing from the sessions besides the beginning part where she puts you into relaxation, but the narrator does say that your subconscious mind will soak it in even if you aren’t listening.
  • The third session – This was about supercharging your memory. It was kind of like a Superbrain session. I really enjoyed this one.
  • The fourth session – This was about passing challenges and tests with ease. While I don’t need to past tests in the literal sense, I took this as passing tests and challenges in work and in life.
  • The fifth session – This was about overcoming procrastination. I really enjoyed this one too and found myself resonating with it. I need to listen to this one more because procrastination is my thing at the moment.
  • The sixth session – This was about how to keep your brain healthy. Again, this reminded me of Superbrain as Jim Kwik talks about brain health as well. It is important though.
  • The seventh session – This was supposed to bring everything together. But I fell asleep again.

When I was awake, the information was good. I had some aha moments. I heard some information that I knew but needed to be reminded of. And, I’m finding myself thinking about what was said during working hours and even as I fall asleep at night.

I think that if you don’t notice a change in the first week, do the Hypnosis Bootcamp again. And continue to do it because eventually what she’s talking about in the recording will sink in and you will notice mindset and belief changes that directly influence what you do and say, and how you behave, which will create changes in your life.

An Important Note

So, as you can see, I fell asleep three times out of the seven. The woman who does the tracks in the Brain Power Hypnosis Bootcamp also does a lot of the tracks in Hypnosis Live.

I find that if I am even remotely tired, I always fall asleep to her voice. It’s not jarring. It’s easy to listen to. The way she talks makes you fall into a deeper and deeper relaxation state. Honestly, I can’t count the number of times I’ve fallen asleep trying to listen to one of her hypnosis sessions.

She also says things that get confusing which I think is meant to bring you into a deeper relaxation. And it works. For instance, she will say something one way and then say the same words in a different order.

It’s funny how (you will hear this phrase a lot in the Hypnosis Bootcamp) your mind can start to quiet down and relaxation can start to hit while she does these things. Unless I am sitting up and my eyes are open and I’m purposely trying to be alert, falling asleep is a very real threat.

Brain Hacker Library

A cool bonus that you get with any Hypnosis Bootcamp you buy is the Brain Hacker Library. There are 26 audios in the library. All of them, besides the white, brown, and pink noise, have brainwave audio, which is simply noise that helps you get into a certain state of mind. Subliminal Guru and Zen12, also from Inspire3, use brainwave entrainment as well.

You can find each audio sold separately on Audible here for about 14 CAD each. But they are all free with your Hypnosis Bootcamp purchase.

Brain Hacker Library From Hypnosis Bootcamp

These tracks are all long. I used the Headache and Migraine Relief Session and it was 40 minutes long.  And, I found my headache went away within the first 5 minutes.

The pink noise is 1 hour long. This would be good if you are in a noisy place and want to drown out the noise.

Pure Pink Noise Brain Hacker Library Hypnosis Bootcamp

Other Bonuses With Hypnosis Bootcamp

You get a few bonus courses, including:

1. 4-Week Mindfulness Course

This bonus teaches techniques to be more mindful. Being more mindful can help you make positive changes that bring you more energy, enthusiasm, and happiness. The program says it can help you cope with anxiety, keep stress down, and improve well-being, which are all benefits of mindfulness.  In fact, they list off a whole bunch of benefits during the introduction and talk about mindfulness in more detail. The course has a series of exercises designed to help you live in the moment by following the instructions in the audios. I’m saving this course for next month because that’s when I’ve decided to work on my emotional health (part of continuing on after Lifebook Mastery is working on one area of your life each month) and I know that being more mindful will help me boost my emotional health.

4 week mindfulness course Bonus Hypnosis Bootcamp

2. As A Man Thinketh Course

Again, I’m going to save this for one week next month because I really want to focus on my thoughts – and which direction they are going – next month.

As a man thinketh Course Bonus Hypnosis Bootcamp

You also get a coupon for Hypnosis Live and a few extra eBooks.

bonuses Hypnosis Bootcamp

I Enjoyed The Hypnosis Bootcamp

You get the 7-day Bootcamp which you can listen to over and over again, as well as the full brain hacker library plus other bonuses, making the price decent if you choose a Bootcamp on an area that you really want to improve in your life.

For me, this is my kind of thing. I love working with positive affirmations, listening to brainwave entrainment audios, and using self-hypnosis tracks, so this is something that resonates with me. In fact, I would buy everything from Inspire3 if I could because I’ve experienced benefits from all of their products.

On another note, they are going to be coming out with even more products soon. I’m so happy they are expanding.

The lessons inside each audio of the Hypnosis Bootcamp for brain power were good. They are things that I need to remember and implement in my life, so I’ll be doing this Hypnosis Bootcamp a few more times.

Just like every Inspire3 product, you get a money-back guarantee with your purchase. It’s worth trying out at least if you are resonating with it.  The worst that can happen is you get your money back, but the best that can happen is that you gain some tools to help you improve areas of your life that you want to improve.

If you are interested in the Hypnosis Bootcamp, you can get a free hypnosis booster MP3 here or learn more about the Hypnosis Bootcamp sessions here.


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