Deal With Baldness Hypnosis Session From Hypnosis Live

I didn’t even know that Hypnosis Live had a session for dealing with baldness because I’ve never searched for it, but they do. So guess who got it?

While I’ve accepted that I’m losing hair all over my body, I’m not ready for it to happen. I need to start being OK with it at an internal level because if my hair doesn’t grow back, then I can’t be fighting reality for the rest of my life. Moreover, I need to be able to look in the mirror and see something more than just hair loss. I need to see beauty and confidence. Not just for myself, but for the people around me.

The Same Hypnotherapist Does This Session As All The Other Sessions On Hypnosis Live

Julie-Ann Amos is the hypnotherapist behind this and all the sessions on Hypnosis Live. I look forward to her voice now.

I can say that her voice is more soothing than any other hypnotherapist I’ve listened to. Because I’ve listened to so many Hypnosis Live sessions, hearing her voice in a new self-hypnosis session is like hearing an old friend.

Also, it puts me to sleep, so it’s important to sit up or listen when I’m very awake if I don’t want to fall asleep.

I Noticed The NLP In This Session

Sometimes I don’t notice the NLP techniques used in the sessions by Hypnosis Live, but this time I did right away. It’s a technique that I’ve used quite often after taking NLP Hero, but I haven’t used it for my hair loss yet.

The Hypnosis Session For Balding

It takes until about the 20-minute mark to get to the main part of the hair loss session. Everything before that is sprinkled with suggestions and techniques and helps get you into a level of relaxation where you are open to the big suggestions in the hypnosis sessions.

Trust me, you will be relaxed and open to suggestions and new points of view. I appreciate this technique that Hypnosis Live and Julie-Ann use in their sessions. I’ve done other hypnosis sessions with other people where they get right in to it before you are relaxed, and it’s very hard to focus and accept what they are saying.

I was a little worried the session would be focused on men going bald, but Julie-Ann mentions Alopecia right off the bat, so that made me realize that I had bought the right session.

In the session, you get into an invisible suit. I think this really helps you take your attention away from your hair loss and helps you see things from someone else’s point of view.

After you put on the suit, you come across a mirror that is beautiful, and then you stand in front of the mirror and see what true beauty is.

A few of the small points that were made and I reflected on during the hypnosis session include:

  • I want to love myself just the way I am. Whether I have hair or not, there’s a lot more to me that is worthy of love. This is something that’s hard to see when you are losing your hair because it is a part of who you are and it’s hard to see past losing something like that… but there is much more there if you look.
  • It’s important to see yourself as others see you. They see the way you make them feel and what you do in the world. They see the good things, not just the hair loss.
  • Beauty is much more than just hair. The session helps you adjust how you see beauty in life. In behaviors, weather, the mountains, faces, natural things, grace, humor, etc. I’ve been really thinking about beauty and what it means after this session, and I see it in places I’ve never looked before.

The bottom line is that is the hypnosis session helps you realize that hair loss is not what defines you, which is what it can feel like when you are losing your hair.

It helps you step away from that ‘everyone is focused on my hair loss – including me’ belief to focusing on others things that make you special, loved, cherished, and needed.

It also made me realize that if all I see is my hair loss, that’s all I’m showing to other people. If I can’t talk about or focus on something else, then how can they?

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