Category: Vegan Food And Drink Reviews

I really do love to eat, which is why I have a food and drink reviews section on this site.

When I was younger, I ate bland food that my family ate and wasn’t willing to try new things. I was a vegetarian at the time, but cheese and potatoes were pretty much my favorite foods, and it was hard to get me to try anything new.

Then I met my husband, who is Italian and enjoys all kinds of flavorful and spicy foods. He got me out of my food shell and together we have grown into vegans who love good food.

If you are vegan, and you are interested in vegan foods, recipes, and restaurants, then here are some food and drink reviews on things that I’ve experienced.

Trying Out Some New Vegan Cheese And Butter

We don’t have a lot of the popular brand name vegan cheese around us. We do have some of Miyoko’s cheese wheels and we do have Daiya, but when it comes to new vegan cheese products, …

My Current Favorite Vegan Cheese Replacements

Before I went vegan, I loved cheese. But, a lot of dairy cheese started to seem mucousy to me and started tasting weird. That helped me want to stop eating cheese, but I still ate the …

Making Vegan English Muffins From A Non-Vegan Recipe

When you become vegan, you realize just how many things aren’t vegan upon further inspection. English muffins are one of those things. If they don’t contain any dairy products, they always seem to carry L-cysteine, which …