Category: Vegan Life

I am vegan. I love being vegan! So it would make sense that I would write about vegan stuff and review vegan stuff on my review site.

Being vegan isn’t always easy, but it is always rewarding and fun. Here I will write about the ups and downs of being vegan, as well as review any vegan products that I buy.

4 Vegan Recipes I’ve Loved This Week

This week has been yummy. My parents come over for supper the first Sunday of every month, so I’m always trying something new to show them how awesome vegan food can taste. That led me to …

7 Vegan Recipes That I Can’t Live Without

When I wasn’t vegan, there was one recipe that I couldn’t live without – my cream cheese layered dip. I would make it about once a week. And, honestly, I probably would have made it every …