Category: Vegan Life

I am vegan. I love being vegan! So it would make sense that I would write about vegan stuff and review vegan stuff on my review site.

Being vegan isn’t always easy, but it is always rewarding and fun. Here I will write about the ups and downs of being vegan, as well as review any vegan products that I buy.

A Quick Way To Check Whether Your Alcohol Is Vegan

Before going vegan, I didn’t think alcohol would have ingredients in it that I wouldn’t want to drink. But at some point after going vegan I realized that not all alcohol is vegan just because it …

Trying 4 New President’s Choice Plant-Based Options

Before we went plant-based for good, we only ate President’s Choice cheese. That’s because they used a vegetarian source of rennet in their cheese, and we were vegetarian. I was always so grateful that they actually …