Category: My Experiences With Life

I feel like I’ve come a long way with myself and relationships, and that’s partly because I’ve had so many experiences in life that taught me lessons and I appreciate.

I went from a young adult who liked to party too much to a slightly older adult who values my mental, physical, and spiritual health. And, I had to learn some hard lessons along the way in order to get where I am.

Here you will find articles about being vegan, my relationships, my work as an online writer, my personal development, and life in general.

In short, if I experienced it and think it’s worth writing about, you will find it in this category.

The Biggest Drawback Of Being An Affiliate Marketer

After years of working online, in part as an affiliate marketer, I would say that the biggest drawback of being an affiliate marketer is having to deal with poor affiliate managers. You think it would be …

I Just Had My Most Intense Dream Ever

I just had the most intense dream I’ve ever had. It was terrifying to me. It was like Groundhog Day but on speed. My husband thinks it was a way for my higher consciousness or a …

My Second Biggest Regret While Working Online

A lot of my mistakes while working online have been good lessons. They have helped me progress in some way with my writing or website creation. But, there have been a few regrets along the way. …