Category: Health Product Reviews

Along with all my personal development work, I try to bring new things into my life that help with my health.

I am a huge believer in natural health products. The benefits my husband and I have experienced with natural health products and techniques are huge.

Even my dogs have been saved many times by our holistic veterinarian (who also practices conventional medicine) with natural health techniques and products. We have truly seen some miracles in our life through natural medicine.

Here you will find health product reviews. Mostly natural, but all worth mentioning.

The Immunity Blueprint Review: My Shortest Review Ever

Immunity is something that I’ve been extra concerned about lately, not necessarily because of Covid – although, I am concerned about that. But mostly immunity is important to me because of all the crap happening to …

My First Reiki Session Experience

I’ve been having some physical issues this past month, and my doctor has been less than helpful. In fact, she and her staff had made me worse by stressing me out, not following up, and rescheduling …