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On Best Friend Reviews, I do focus a lot on course reviews and personal development reviews, but I still like to have fun.

Experiences are a huge part of living a balanced life. What I’ve realized along the way is that fun and adventure help you feel alive and connected to more than just your worries and your fears.

You are often most present when you are having fun and experiencing new things, which is why I try to do it often! I value being in the moment and getting out of my head. I value having fun, laughing, doing things I enjoy, and enjoying myself and my relationships. It’s a huge part of living a fulfilling life.

Here you will find my reviews on fun stuff, like games and travel and hobbies.

My First Experience With My Lucid Dream Plan

The other day, I wrote that I had my first lucid dream since taking the dream quest with Charlie Morley. I didn’t put my dream plan into action, though. My dream plan was to call for …

My First Lucid Dream After The Dream Quest

We finished off the quest called Experience Lucid Dreams by Charlie Morley a few weeks ago. Since then, my husband has had a few dreams where he realizes that his arm is vibrating and he’s likely …

FlexClip Review: A Video Maker For Fun And Business

I’m currently playing around with a video maker called FlexClip.  It allows you to easily make quick marketing videos and throw them up on your blog, social media account, or on YouTube. But you can also …