Category: Course Reviews

I try to take at least one new course each month. Often I will take more. These are the reviews of the courses I take.

You will find that I take a lot of Mindvalley courses and review them. I’m almost always engaged in one of their courses. I love Mindvalley and haven’t found another company that works to provide programs for the mind, body, and soul like they do.

Mindvalley’s courses are taught by well-known people who live and breathe the subject they are teaching, which makes them all the more awesome. Mindvalley has quests, which are programs broken up into daily sessions. Mindvalley also has programs, where you engage in a new lesson each week and integrate what you learn into your life. All of Mindvalley’s quests and programs come with a Facebook group where you can interact with other people who are taking or have taken the course and then learn and grow together.

When I can, I take other programs, and any course I take will be reviewed and put into this category.

Most of what I take is focused on self-discovery and developing the mind, body, or soul. However, I may take courses focused on my interests in writing, drawing, vegan cooking, and relationships.

I wish I could take a new course daily, but that’s not possible. Whatever I take, it will be reviewed and put into this category.

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