Am I Always Working On My Personal Growth?

Last Updated on January 19, 2021 by Kari

Personal development is my thing. I love to constantly learn and grow. I’ve based my entire life and career around personal development. Because of that, I was recently asked if I’m always working on my personal growth. And the answer is no. Even though it looks like I’m always working on myself, there are times when I just can’t.

Sometimes, like now, I’m soaking in everything that I can, and I feel like I’m on top of the world as I expand my knowledge and awareness. But sometimes I get into these low points where I don’t have any enthusiasm to take a new course, read a new book, or learn something new.

I don’t like those low points. I love being excited about learning and growing and trying new things out. I feel best when I’m learning and growing. But sometimes personal development gets put on the backburner. There are a few reasons this happens to me.

5 Reasons My Personal Growth Comes To A Halt

personal growth halt

1. I Need To Overcome Something Before I Can Move On

I’ve learned this through hindsight. There have been moments when I was overwhelmed with personal growth for some unknown reason, and I now know it was because I needed to overcome something before I could get back into the rhythm of personal growth. This has happened when something, such as a belief or habit, has blocked my ability to grow in one way or the other.

For instance, the last time I lost interest in personal development was when I got into the habit of worrying. I had worried off and on throughout the years, but I had never worried as much as I did then. It had become a daily habit.

I was worried about everything and there was no way I could grow in that state of mind. It was a moment in my life when I needed to overcome worry in order to move on and reach a new level of awareness where I could bring some new beliefs and practices into my life.

I put into action some practices I’ve learned to overcome worry and it took me a few weeks before I was able to transform my worry into curiosity and excitement.

Now, worry almost always naturally converts itself into curiosity and excitement. There are moments where I consciously need to flip the script in my head, but more often than not, worry is not an obstacle that holds my attention for any length of time that matters. That’s allowed me to up-level my personal growth in a big way.

In short, negative habits and beliefs can hinder my personal growth, but I always work on overcoming them.

2. My Health Isn’t Up To Par

Good physical and mental health is so important for anyone who wants to grow and focus on personal development. When you feel sick or down, that’s what you focus on. The pain, the fatigue, and the negative emotions take up so much focus that it’s hard to focus on new ideas and thoughts and grow.

I’ve dealt with health issues since I was young. My family history is full of health problems and I seem to have inherited a combination of issues from a number of people.

For my twenties and a good portion of my thirties, I just succumbed to my health issues as a part of me. Besides quitting smoking at the age of 31 and working on my physical fitness off and on, I didn’t do a lot for my health. But in my late thirties, I decided that I needed to be proactive and work on my health.

So, in the past few years, I cut out dairy and have been actively testing and tweaking things so that I can improve my physical and mental health.

One problem is that sometimes you do something that you think is healthy, but it ends up causing you problems.

For instance, a naturopathic doctor put me on a hormonal supplement that ended up messing with my hypothyroidism and putting me into a high state of anxiety. One day my heart wouldn’t stop beating fast and hard, so I had to go to the hospital! I spent the next two months trying to fix that issue and I didn’t get a lot of personal growth in during that time.

I’ve also had digestive issues, unexplained pains that last for too long, and mental health issues that I believe stem from my physical health problems. So, taking care of my health is my top priority.

But sometimes I go through a week or two where my health isn’t great, and that’s when my personal development often takes a halt as I try to fix the issue.

3. I Need Or Want To Focus On The Present Moment

Sometimes shit happens in life, such as death or another major life upset. This is when I couldn’t focus on personal development if I tried. I’m too involved in what’s happening and finding a solution to overcome it.

And sometimes you just want to take a few days or weeks to really live in the moment. This time isn’t about personal growth – it’s about living and experiencing and enjoying.

To be clear, I always try to live in the present moment, but during vacations, holidays, or just times where I need to get off my computer and enjoy the company of my husband and dog, I don’t tend to focus on personal growth.

4. Work Is Ticking Me Off

I’ve been creating websites for the past 12 years now. My websites are always about personal development. Everything I’ve learned during my own personal growth process has been put into those websites.

This website includes a lot of reviews, experiences, and thoughts based on my personal growth.

Even when I was a freelance writer, I was constantly being hired to write on personal growth topics.

Therefore, my personal growth and work intermingle.  When something happens at work that ticks me off, it affects my personal growth, and vice-versa.

For instance, when my site is having problems (which doesn’t happen too often anymore) I can spend days trying to get it back up and running properly. This affects not only my ability to work but my desire to work on myself. Or when I’m dealing with someone who is affecting my work negatively, my personal growth takes a hit. I associate the negative feeling from work with personal growth and I’m unable to get motivated to learn anything.

5. Something Or Someone Is Bringing Me Down

One thing I’ve learned is that a low energy state can hinder my ability to do anything positive. This is why I’m constantly working on my patience, acceptance, and ability to bounce back from problems.

Those character traits are extremely important to me because without them I can get stuck in a fog where I’m incapable of working on my personal growth. It also affects my work since my work requires me to be in a state where I care about personal growth.

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