10 Sweet Social Media Posts Regarding Quarantine And Isolation

I’m on social media a lot, and for weeks it wasn’t the happiest place. People didn’t know what was going on, misinformation was spreading, and people were angry and scared. But, I’ve noticed that more and more sweet posts are popping up as people try and deal with the new normal happening right now of isolation, quarantine, and social distancing. Here are a few of the posts that have made me smile in the past few days. I hope they make you smile too.

1. Mom And Dad Eat With Quarantined Daughter

I love that the tradition of eating together isn’t lost in this family even though the daughter has to be quarantined after she came back from Italy. These parents are ensuring she does the right thing while making things as normal as possible.

2. Quarantine Bingo

I know my parents are missing bingo right now! They would sure love the bingo interaction that this community is having!

3. Still Visiting Granny

There are plenty of seniors in nursing homes or at high risk that we need to protect during this time. Thankfully, there have been a lot of sweet pictures and videos of family visiting their parents or grandparents in homes through windows and lifting up their spirits or just making them happy in general. This is one of them.

4. Updating All The Friends And Family From Isolation

We are doing fine! What a sweet way to update all friends and family at once about how you are doing during your isolation. And I love how Sue forgot her part and Trevor lets everyone know that fact.

5. Social Distancing With Music

We may not be able to dance and sing close together right now, but we can still dance and sing at a distance. There are so many sweet videos like this going around right now on social media.

6. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Donkey And Pony

Whiskey and Lulu eating carrots with Arnold represents all the animals enjoying the company of their humans as they stay home more and give them all the treats! I know our dog is appreciating us being home right now.

7. Pets Are Getting More Kisses During Self Isolation

This clip is so cute to me. I imagine many pets all over the world are getting many more kisses and cuddles during this time of self isolation.

8. Entertaining The Kids

Yes, there has been a lot of wine drinking and hair pulling videos coming out since kids have had to stay at home, but there are also some really cute ones where families are bonding and enjoying an increased amount of quality time. This one is so cute to me.

9. The Words Of Encouragement

We’ve seen a lot of community-based videos coming from all over the world. I know that when Wuhan was first quarantined, there was a video where everyone was shouting words of encouragement from their homes. It was encouraging to see. Here is a compilation of Wuhan’s words of encouragement to each other.

10. The Sense Of Community Connection

I also really like this one from Italy where all the neighbors are singing together. Music is universal and connects people in a way that nothing else can. I’m hoping that after all this is over, community connection will be on a whole new level going forward.

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