What It Feels Like To Spend Too Much Money At The Casino On Slots

I’m sure many people spend too much at the casino. Back in 2013, the daily average brought in by gaming was about 630,000 according to this research. I’m assuming things are either staying the same or getting worse for us and better for the casinos. But, I’m not concerned about everyone else. I’m concerned about myself. I spend way too much on slots at the casino when I go and I can’t seem to control myself.

Casino Slots: Spending Too Much Money

My Casino History

I’ve been going to the casino ever since it was legal for me to go. It was a family affair. My grandmother, dad, and uncle all liked the casino, and I would go with them. Of course, back then, spending about $40 was a lot of money for me! And because I didn’t have a lot of money to spend, I didn’t spend it.

I do remember a time my uncle had won a jackpot on a slot and gave me $100. I spent it within a half an hour and when he found he said, “I would never have given you that money if I had known you were going to spend it!” That was the first time I felt guilty about spending money at the casino on the slots.

As I got older and went by myself, I would set a limit of $60-$80. I was living on my own, had a ton of bills, and didn’t make a ton of money. I usually came out even or with half my money. Back then I was able to walk out without spending everything back in.

Then, after I met my husband and started to bring in more money, I started to spend more at the casino. $120 was my limit for a while, but that quickly became $200. I was able to stick to my limit for the day, but I would go back day after day, so it added up.

A Big Jackpot Win

Then, one day, I won my first jackpot. A $6000 jackpot. Even though it was about 15 years ago, I remember it like it was yesterday. I had cashed out and was getting ready to leave. I saw a machine that seemed to glow. It was a dollar machine, which I normally didn’t play, but like most gamblers, I’m superstitious and thought the glow meant something.

I sat down and made a max bet of $3. Then I made the same bet and three symbols came up and my machine seemed to freeze. I sat there trying to figure out what happened because it wasn’t making any noise or anything. And then I realized I had hit the top pay for the game and was waiting for my jackpot. I gave my dad $2000 and kept $4000.

The next day I went back and dumped about $500 into the casino. And I did the same for the next 5 days.

After that, $120 didn’t seem like enough. $400 is what I normally would pull out and put into the slots. Sometimes, I would try to take $120 and leave my bank card at home, but if I didn’t win, I would just drive home, get my bank card, and then go back to the casino!

It got to a point where I was sick of the casino, so I stopped going for about a year.

I just quit gambling cold turkey. I told myself that unless my dad asked me to go, I wouldn’t go. And he hadn’t asked me to go for years, so I knew it was a pretty safe bet!

Then, one day, after I lost a few clients that were providing me with regular income, so (foolishly) I decided to go to the casino ‘to make some money’. I spent about $400, and I’ve been doing that ever since about twice a month. In fact, I will spend $800-$1200 if my money goes too fast, and it’s gotten a little crazy.

About two months ago, I won about $2000. But that’s gone back into the casino, plus about $2000 more.

My Thought Process At The Casino

I want to win money. It’s as simple as that. I enjoy the casino, but I don’t want to put my money in and not get it back. A casino is a place where I think I should be able to win and walk out with money.

When I lose a few hundred, I want to pull out more money to win it back.

When I pull out more money and lose it, I want to pull out even more money to win that back.

And the cycle goes on and on until I’m too tired to play anymore and just want to go home.

I will often justify the amount I’m spending. For instance, I will look at my bank balance and decide that $400 isn’t going to hurt us in the long run. Plus, because I think I’m going to win back everything and more, it doesn’t seem like a big deal.

It’s not until after I leave the casino that I think, ‘What have I done?!’

What It Feels Like To Spend Too Much At The Casino

When you are in the casino and you’ve spent too much money, it feels frustrating and sickening. You can’t believe that you are not winning. You can’t believe that you have lost so much money.

If you have ever been at the casino, you can tell who has lost too much money. They are angry. Very angry. People will slam their fists down on the machines and even kick them. They will curse and yell. They will be complete jerks to people around them – especially people who are winning. And, they will seem lost in their own world of anger mixed with despair.

When you leave the casino after spending too much money, you feel horrible, ashamed, and disgusting. The casino atmosphere Рwith its noise, darkness, and lack of time Р suddenly disappears, and you are thrown into the real world and left to face what you have done. And it can be a harsh reality.

You can find tons of stories of people who took their own life because of their gambling. While I’ve never gotten to that point, I have felt worthless and hopeless after spending too much money, especially when I’ve spent spending money that could have been used for trips or fun with my husband.

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The Bottom Line

Nobody goes to the casino to lose money. We all want to win money, but usually, we get lost in a loop of wanting to make back up the money we spent…and then some. But that’s impossible. Even though it seems like you could win a ton of money, possibly even an income at the casino, the chances of it are so small that it is not worth the risk. Remember, the casino is making millions off its customers, and you are contributing to their income by playing.

While I can’t speak for everyone, I know that I can stop going to the casino again and be just fine. I’ve done it before once I stopped fooling myself that it was a way to make money, and I can do it again.

And if my dad asks me to go, then I’m still going to go. I’m not taking any money, though, because I know that I’m not capable of going to a casino and not at least trying to win money. I will let him play and I will enjoy the atmosphere, which is what I always say I like about the casino anyway.

I’d rather sit and not play than feel like crap while playing and feel horrible after playing.

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