My Experience With Birthday Lawn Card Rentals In Edmonton, Alberta

My dad turned 69 this year. He lives in Edmonton, Alberta. We sometimes do up his house a little for his birthday, but this birthday is one he has been pondering for a year. I mean, it’s one year away from 70. He’s not sure where the time has gone, and I can understand that, even at my age. He was feeling a little down, so we wanted to lift his spirits. One of the things we did was rent some birthday lawn cards from Birthday Lawn Card Rentals, and just look at the delightful sign that appeared on the lawn before dawn!

Birthday Lawn Card Rentals Edmonton

YOU Spelled It That Way!

If you are wondering what looing means, you are not alone! I had asked for, “Born in 1948 and still looking great,” and looing appeared instead of looking.

It embarrassed the hell out of me when my husband and I walked out in the front yard at 4:30 am and saw it.

I phoned the ‘customer/client relations’ number immediately, but no one was around. At around noon I got a call informing me that I had misspelled looking on the form and, so, they were just writing what I wanted them to write. They said they could come out and fix it, but it would take a while.

Gee, thanks.

And, honestly, if you think that I would want ‘looing‘ on a card and not double check with me, then that makes your company look even worse than just misspelling it. 

Thanks, But Too Late

My dad had already woken up and saw it. He felt bad that we had problems getting him this ‘present’. All the neighbors had already stopped and tried to figure out what the hell ‘looing’ meant.

What pisses me off most is that my dad felt bad. That was the exact opposite of what we were trying to do.

Obviously, I triple checked what I wanted to be written before I sent it to them. I write for a living, so I triple check all my writing that’s not specifically for me because I don’t want a client to pay me for an article that reads like crap.

I had spent time making sure that one sentence was exactly what I wanted before I sent in my order form.

But, because you don’t actually get a copy of the order form, it’s easy for them to say that YOU wrote it that way and they were just doing what YOU wanted.

Note: Unlike their fake ‘we have a camera’ sign (which also was put at the front of the display), we actually have a house security camera and saw them come and put the ‘k’ in ‘looing’ a few hours later after he called at noon. Way too late and too little at that point.

You Spelled That Wrong Too!

I ordered this birthday lawn sign about a week before my dad’s birthday. The day I ordered, a guy called me and confirmed my dad’s home address.

I feel like he also confirmed the “Born in 1948 and still looking great” too, but I can’t say for sure. 

Anyway, he said he would send a receipt that day.

The next day, after not receiving the receipt, I sent him a message about it. I still didn’t get a receipt after that. So, a few days later, I sent another email. He informed me that I must have written the wrong email address down on form! (My highlighter, not his.)

birthday lawn card rentals

This Is What I Do For A Living!

Keep in mind that my business is online and I’m in the habit of making sure that I send the correct contact information because being in contact is my lifeline to an income.

But, according to Birthday Lawn Card Rentals, I really dropped the ball on this order form that was more important to me (and more scrutinized by me) than all of the other writing a do on a daily basis.

How Hard Is It To Send A Receipt?

For the next week, we tried to get a receipt. He told me (replying to my email) that he was trying to send it, but couldn’t send it.

It was so frustrating.

I wanted to say, “You are talking to me right now through my email! Just reply to this email and attach the receipt.” But, because I wanted him to set up this lawn card thing, I put up with his nonsense.

My husband called him and the guy from Birthday Lawn Card Rentals told him he would call him back, but never did.

Then, the day before my dad’s birthday, he told my husband he was out of the office, but once he got back he would call him back to confirm. He said it would be before the end of the day. Do you think he called?


The whole night I had nightmares about this stupid lawn sign thing. In one dream, it hadn’t been set up. In another dream, it was a pitiful display.

Then at 4:00 am, I woke up and popped out of bed and saw that it was set up. I felt good until I saw ‘looing’.

My thought: What they should do is send an instant receipt that shows what you ordered. That way you can make any changes or catch any mistakes quickly. I think that’s the professional thing to do.

And The Ads!

On top of blaming me for everything that went wrong, they have their advertising on the bottom and top of the message card with the ‘Born in 1948…’ bit.

Plus, on their Happy Birthday flag, they have their company name and number.

PLUS they have a full lawn card dedicated to advertising their name and number. And they put THAT card directly in front of the display? This one sign would be enough, in my opinion.

No Free Postcard

I had also checked off to receive a ‘FREE postcard keepsake left at their door or in their mailbox’. Do you think we received that?


I didn’t even bother mentioning it because what do you think they would tell me?

a) We’re sorry, we dropped the ball on that.


b) YOU didn’t check that off on the order form.

I guarantee you that they would tell me that it was my fault, again.

Do I Recommend Birthday Lawn Card Rentals


I’m sure some people have had a delightful experience with them. I’m sure some people wake up and feel great about their lawn card display.

But, I don’t feel like that.

I feel like we were blamed for every mistake the company made.

I feel frustrated, disappointed, and embarrassed.

I would rather buy 100 helium balloons and decorate the house than pay Birthday Lawn Card Rental any money ever again.

The beer mug display (one of their display options) was a good idea for my dad and kind of cute, but the spelling mistake, blame game, and ignorance were too much.

In short, it was the worst $128 I ever spent for a celebration. It was more of a headache than anything, and I hated seeing my dad upset that something meant to make him happy was so pitiful and frustrating.

If you are wondering what specific company in Edmonton, Alberta I’m talking about, here is their homepage

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